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    Hope all of you are doing good out there and keeping yourself safe during this period of chaos.

    She's also happy that you're staying home. Being safe and sound as you can donate your load to her as she sits in the trolley obediently, unable to move as you squeeze every last ounce of your nutrients to her. Also, don't forget to smear any that's on her legs so her legs can be smoother to tempt more guys in donating to her, in turn making us having a healthy lifestyle ๐Ÿคญ

    Another one, waiting for guys to come up to her and unload our cum on her. Acting all innocent when deep down we know she loves a good hard dick inside her. Just look at that seductive poses she has. Tempting us just push her on the bed and pound her the whole night. Leaving her twitching on the bed with a sore pussy that's full of cum by guys that's impatient to have a taste of her.

    Remember her? She loves a good doggy ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰ just look at her, ready to be pounded in that position, waiting for guys to show her a real good fuck. Pull that shorts down and you can have your ways with her. I bet she'd be more than willing to learn new stuff such as handling multiple dicks in one session. She also seems to be in need of a nice warm facial to keep her skin smooth.

    You know what they say, a girl with a thigh gap is always nice. Reason? So you can hug her from the back and give her a good pussy rub. You have a good area to utilise and make her wet, submitting to your touches as you prepare her for the next stage. A good nice pounding from the back, enjoying that view of her nice ass as she moans her pleasure of you being inside her.

    Why are they so tempting nowadays ๐Ÿ˜ look at those. I just want to slide my hands up her loose pants and rub her good. The stairs ain't a bad option but the changing room would be the best. She's all ready for a quickie in that booth. With her slit dress, showing her legs off while perking up her ass. What other signals are you waiting for? Show her a good time in that small private space but make sure no one else notices it or else.....

    Well, Iโ€™m sure that almost all of us knows who this pretty girl is. Itโ€™s not a secret that every guy has had some fantasy about her before after seeing her photos. I mean just look at that hot body of hers and that cute pretty face that goes so well with her body. Sheโ€™s just stunning all around!

    Imagine that you were helping her take that picture on the bed and after she was done she just layed down on the bed. It is the chance of the lifetime for you as her legs were spread so widely that it was invinting you to play with that pussy of hers. You sowly run your finger up her long slender legs as she moans softly. You start getting near her pussy and she doesnโ€™t even bother to stop you. Thatโ€™s where you know, damn sheโ€™s one horny girl too. You start rubbing her pussy through her pants as you see her expression of pleasure and her soft moans of joy. You start to strip her naked in order to see her beauty in full. She looks so fucking hot naked. You decide to take a picture to keep as a momento before going in on her. You fuck her so hard that she cannot stop orgasming. You will always remember how her pussy feels like and how she gives you such good oral. That day will forever be in your mind and in herโ€™s of course. You both donโ€™t ever speak about it again but at the back of both your minds, you were wishing for it to happen again.

    Feel free to submit and iโ€™ll do my best to write a fantasy for you.

    A girl that likes to send her selfies to you. Look at her all happy and excited to send you her photos initially hoping that you'll get what she meant when she took it in her bedroom. Then as time pass by, she's already tired of the fact that you didn't pick up her motives initially and now she is blatantly includes the biggest hint in her selfie now, her bed.

    Don't leave this girl hanging now. It's obvious on what she desires. A good long session that would leave her satisfied and an experience that she can boast with her friends as she describes to them how you made her feel hot and wet throughout that night.

    End of the week is always the hardest. That last push to enjoy your deserved weekend. This girl may very well help you guys out there make something else hard.

    Those teasing and cheeky pose sure highlights those delicious parts of her. Those long legs paired with her slender body, I'm sure many of you guys might have seen her before. Heck, I'm sure some of you guys have tributed to her before. Yes, she's someone that we need to give us that final push for the week and all we need is for her to ride us the way she rode that uniform float.


    Saw another new girl today thanks to the kind people I meet.

    A girl with a tight figure and a very lovely pair of legs and knows how to flaunt her assets. Just look at how she dresses. I would definitely deepthroat her in that tight qipao of hers. Push her on the bed, tie her legs together, bring them up and get a thighjob from her. After which, I'd pull her qipao up and fuck her tight pussy while licking her legs. Unloading my cum inside her as she moan in ecstasy and continue pounding her till her pussy remembers the shape of my dick while my cum overflows from it.

    Ps. Another submitted idea.


    My kind follower sent me a surprise today and I was sure in for a treat. She was one of the initial girls that made me start posting on tumblr. Her beautiful legs were the too good to not share around and make more guys crave for her. Just the thought of her bf being able to indulge in such pleasure has me thinking that some girls are meant to drive a guy crazy. Once again. Enjoy that beautiful pair of legs that after all these while has become attractive.