"Once upon a time, in the cobbled streets of a small town, there was a merchant, kind and soft-hearted. She traveled through the woods, rivers and cities to bring back the best potions, armors and other charms for the bravest adventurers to complete their quests... "

soooo happy with this photoshoot! It was very cold (we shot it in early January, in the north of France) but totally worth it! The long cape, red shirt and baskets are gifts. The vest, bloomers and skirt/belt are all handmade. (I also made a small hooded cape that doesn't appear in this picture!) General costume design by me, inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood.

Many thanks to my patrons on www.patreon.com/shaeunderscore for helping me creating this set! It's been sent as a reward to lvl 15 patrons of January! Also available on Etsy (prints coming soon!) - www.etsy.com/shop/HonHonShaeUn…

Model, costume, editing- Shae_ (Twitter|FB|Patreon)
Photographer - Bakufu

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