Soooo following my latest post, here’s some update : I’ll be shut down on December 17th at the latest, as per new Tumblr rules that you can read right here -> (

    Here’s an ultimate post full of female nipples and other terrific flesh parts for y’all to enjoy one last time in here!

    Now the real question: Where to enjoy some good old titties now?

    My Twitter (@ShaeUnderscore) , Reddit sub, DeviantART gallery, and custom website. They all get uncensored free pics every month! The Ashe project will also be reborn soon, updates on where to find it will be available on social medias :)

    Full sets, prints, and other exclusive steamy goods on My Patreon and Etsy shop. Thanks to the support I receive, I also started attending conventions as an exhibitor in France to meet people, sell prints and goodies on booths!

    Thank you folks for all the kind messages and support through the years. Tumblr used to be a cool place and I enjoyed the time we’ve had together! I hope to find you somewhere else! :)

    <3 Shae

    That rain was intense… I’d better take off those clothes before I catch a cold...

    New Makise set, selfshot this time!! I’m very happy with the colors and angles :)  I sent it to level 15 patrons of July to thank them for their support ♥

    Cosplayer, Photographer - Shae_ (Twitter|FB|Patreon)

    Feel free to share this picture, just please credit the team who worked on it, all the names and links are above ♥
    Also this image isn’t stock. Please don’t use it without permission. Thank yo
    u !

    “Drop your clothes now, it’s time to swim! Don’t tell me you’re afraid of water?!”

    I’m sooo glad spring’s coming back!! :D I’ll be able to shoot mooore outdoor sets super soon, without freezing! Yay!!
    Many thanks to my patrons for their support ♥ Full set, prints and polaroids available on Etsy now:

    Model, costume, editing- Shae_ (Twitter|FB|Patreon)
    Photographer - Bakufu

    Feel free to share this picture, just please credit the team who worked on it, all the names and links are above ♥
    Also this image isn’t stock. Please don’t use it without permission. Thank yo
    u !

    "She's a pretty girl from a big town, dreaming of adventure, long days of the road and epic battles. She drinks. Often. As time goes by, her hopes slowly turns into dreams, thoughts that belong to night time, whispered to the stars and expansive pillows of her lovers. Powerful, that's how they describe her, yet something feels wrong... The song she's dancing to... It's different. It belongs to somewhere else. And one day, she'll get there."

    made this costume a long time ago, but I'm happy I was able to shoot with it once more! Due to personal problems I couldn't craft a new costume for my RPG serie in February, so I used this one instead. I love the urban fantasy look it has ♥
    Many thanks to my patrons on for helping me creating this set! It's been sent as a reward to lvl 35 patrons of February! It'll be available on Etsy in the next days  

    Model, costume, editing- Shae_ (Twitter|FB|Patreon)
    Photographer - Bakufu

    Feel free to share this picture, just please credit the team who worked on it, all the names and links are above ♥
    Also this image isn't stock. Please don't use it without permission. Thank you

    I wonder what these runes mean… Too much fabric to focus, let’s drop that to the floor. You don’t mind, do you?

    After the great success of my Explorer set, I decided to shoot more of her! The long walk in the ruins left her very excited to study what she found there, and she invited you to her basement ♥

    Many thanks to my Patrons for helping me creating so many wonderful things!! The full set is about 80 pictures (Includes nudity) and it is available on my Patreon this August for Patrons lvl 35 and more!

    Model, Editing - Shae_ ( DA | FB | Patreon )

    Photographer - Lys

    All my published sets

    I’ll try my best to update this post every now and then! It’s great to take a look back at all I’ve done. I didn’t realize I made so many sets before creating those pictures!! If it keeps going this way, I’ll have more than 50 sets at the end of the day, haha! Most of them will be for my kind patrons ( and CosplayDeviants members (


    Sets won’t be available to buy from my online store starting monday, and some will be retired forever! Before that, enjoy this great discount ^-^

    For CosplayDeviants sets, you can use my promocode “Underscore” when joining the website for a discount on your first month

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    You better hurry up, or I’ll eat all the macarons!

    Hi there! This is a new set we shot with Bakufu! We had a lot of fun doing it, and it was great to relax a bit from the big projects I’m working on for this summer! We decided to shoot this cute, colorful set with tons of sweets (Macarons, Skittles and Lollipops!) and lingerie! (And full nudity at the end as always :d)

    I’ll be sending the full set to my lvl 15+ patrons ( in June, so don’t hesitate to join if you want to help me with the crazy summer projects and get this sweet set to thank you for that!

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    “Are we... Lost? Well then... Maybe we can take some time to relax and enjoy this lovely spring, don’t you think? Come on, don’t be shy...“

    This set was shot earlier this month by the talented Bakufu! We went to this beautiful location to shoot this sexy explorer, I’m very happy about it! And yes few people spotted us, that’s why I was hiding myself on the fifth picture haha! Fortunately they were all polite people who just enjoyed the view without bothering us

    Want more? Help me creating more beautiful, sexy photosets and get cool rewards to thank you for that ♥ I just sent the 95 pictures of my sexy adventurous self to my lvl 15+ Patrons! You can get them if you join us before the end of the month of May :)

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    I’m sure sempai will notice me now ♥

    Cute selfies from today’s photoshoot... The full set will be a reward for my lvl 35 patrons on Patreon in March! Cute cotton panties, sweet poses and a lot of nudity...Make sure to join us before March 1st to get this sweet and sexy set, and help me to create even more! It’ll also have cute selfie gifs~ I had a lot of fun, hehehe!

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    Soft previews for my last set~

    Nuru Shower is now on Zivity!
    There are more than 20 pictures on Zivity, but the full set is 92 photos, and you can unlock it with 30 votes! I'm very happy everyone likes it a lot so far.

    Nuru gel is a japanese massage gel, and according to what I red, "Nuru" means "slippery" in japanese =) I've no doubt it's true: It was very hard to move from a pose to an other and not falling doing it. The photographer (ok: the photographer and I...) had a hard time shooting this because we laughed too much.

    You don't know Zivity yet? I've few one-month invitation! PM me your email adress and I'll send you one!