That rain was intense… I’d better take off those clothes before I catch a cold...

    New Makise set, selfshot this time!! I’m very happy with the colors and angles :)  I sent it to level 15 patrons of July to thank them for their support ♥

    Cosplayer, Photographer - Shae_ (Twitter|FB|Patreon)

    Feel free to share this picture, just please credit the team who worked on it, all the names and links are above ♥
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    My first set of the summer is now complete! The full photoset (100+ Pictures, including full nude!) is available this month, only for my lvl 35+ patrons ♥ 18+ only~!

    About this set : I’m very happy with the atmosphere here. We shot this set late at night and I was both exhausted and excited! There’s no crazy costume as I bought this outfit (I’m working on an other costume for Rei!) but I really wanted to play on the acting part and give it this cold, intriguing atmosphere. I love the blue tones and I don’t regret all the hours spent searching for the perfect colors.

    Photography by the awesome Bakufu, edited by me.

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    “S-Senpai! Am I doing it right?!”

    Become my senpai on Patreon ( this month (March!) at lvl 35 or more to receive the full super cute & lewd photoset and help me make more!! ♥ This one is more than 120 pictures! It’s my most “risqué” set so far I think, and also my new favorite one! We played a lot with the anime cliché so it’s also very colorful, expressive and innocent... Or... Well, almost innocent. Hehe~

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