I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love Tea and Boobs.

    Here are some after-the-convention pictures taken by Bakufu with his phone as I was dying, exhausted nearby the convention center gracefully posing alongside those delicate flowers, I just had fun with the colors and stuff on Photoshop. We'll shoot more pictures of Maeryll very soon, like next week or something, learn more about this here on this post!

    Cosplayer - Shae_ ( Patreon | Instagram | Twitter )

    Character by @rupertneverton ! Read and support I Roved Out *NSFW* online! ( IRO website | IRO Patreon | Author's Tumblr | Author's Twitter )

    Fun fact, this is my 69th cosplay.

    Set teaser - Explorer!

    A little video I made with Bakufu during our photoshoot trip in the south of France. Since then I bought a GoPro, next videos will be better!

    Thanks again to my Patrons for their support, with that I’m able to travel to better locations, get cool outfits, pay the photographers... I’m super happy! Pictures coming next week! Patrons of lvl 15+ will receive the full photoset as a thank you for their support :)

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    Don’t looooose your waaaaay~

    First time I was wearing my Ryuko cosplay! Few improvements are being made at the moment (shorter skirt, better belt, “eyes” levels, fixing the grey parts of the glove…) but I’m very happy with it. It took me…3 or 4 days to complete, everything’s handmade! Also it’s a comfy costume to wear the last day of a convention which is super great! I may work on the scissor blade later this spring. Can’t wait to wear it again!

    Photographer - VangHER at ALA


    Have an extra dose of shimapan /o/ (And bruises from the CosplayDeviants party hahaha! Dancing is dangerous xD)

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    Do you walk around home naked often? (Even though, not perfect, you've got a beautiful body ^w^)

    My current appartment is main floor, with windows and windowed door on a public courtyard so I can’t really do that anymore ;_; Also Paris is getting very cold and we’ll probably have a very cold winter. Time for sweaters and blankets!