I wonder what these runes mean… Too much fabric to focus, let’s drop that to the floor. You don’t mind, do you?

    After the great success of my Explorer set, I decided to shoot more of her! The long walk in the ruins left her very excited to study what she found there, and she invited you to her basement ♥

    Many thanks to my Patrons for helping me creating so many wonderful things!! The full set is about 80 pictures (Includes nudity) and it is available on my Patreon this August for Patrons lvl 35 and more!


    Model, Editing - Shae_ ( DA | FB | Patreon )

    Photographer - Lys

    "It’s important to get wet before entering the pool...Right?!”

    After the Ribbon Shibari, the VK, and the Schoolgirl, here’s new set for the Anime Fetishs serie, the Blue Swimsuit ♥  This set was shot by Bakufu during my trip earlier this month!

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