“Drop your clothes now, it’s time to swim! Don’t tell me you’re afraid of water?!”

    I’m sooo glad spring’s coming back!! :D I’ll be able to shoot mooore outdoor sets super soon, without freezing! Yay!!
    Many thanks to my patrons for their support ♥ Full set, prints and polaroids available on Etsy now: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HonHonShaeUnderscore

    Model, costume, editing- Shae_ (Twitter|FB|Patreon)
    Photographer - Bakufu

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    Gym Leaders have holidays, too!

    New Misty set ♥ It’s time to take a break from all those Gym Leader duties... A cute, soft and sexy set!! Many many thanks to my Patrons for helping me creating so many wonderful things!! The full set is about 80 pictures (Includes nudity) and it is available on my Patreon this July for Patrons lvl 35 and more!


    Cosplayer - Shae_ ( Patreon | Instagram | Twitter )

    Photographer - Bakufu