Where should we go, to the beach or the garden…?

    Bunch of lewd selfies (75+ in total!) I’m about to send to level 25 patrons of August to thank them for their support ♥ www.patreon.com/shaeunderscore

    Cosplayer - Shae_ (Twitter|FB|Patreon)

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    "It’s important to get wet before entering the pool...Right?!”

    After the Ribbon Shibari, the VK, and the Schoolgirl, here’s new set for the Anime Fetishs serie, the Blue Swimsuit ♥  This set was shot by Bakufu during my trip earlier this month!

    I’m sending the full photoshoot of more than 70 hot pictures to my lvl 35+ Patrons this month of May (which means you’ve one day left to grab it!)! Join us on Patreon, help me making awesome lewd sets, and get tons of sexy pictures, drawings and other cool things in exchange! /o/ https://www.patreon.com/shaeunderscore

    Soft previews for my last set~

    Nuru Shower is now on Zivity!
    There are more than 20 pictures on Zivity, but the full set is 92 photos, and you can unlock it with 30 votes! I'm very happy everyone likes it a lot so far.

    Nuru gel is a japanese massage gel, and according to what I red, "Nuru" means "slippery" in japanese =) I've no doubt it's true: It was very hard to move from a pose to an other and not falling doing it. The photographer (ok: the photographer and I...) had a hard time shooting this because we laughed too much.

    You don't know Zivity yet? I've few one-month invitation! PM me your email adress and I'll send you one!