Hello everyone! Apparently Tumblr is getting rid of all adult content so I'm about to be chased from yet an other platform. If you want to enjoy my uncensored stuff on social medias, you can still find me on Twitter and DeviantART (@shaeunderscore)

    I also have a website that I'm trying to update frequently : www.shaeunderscore.com

    (Still working on Ashe rework btw, I guess I'll have to make a custom site for it now that "adult" content gets banned everywhere...)

    You can also get hot stuff like full sets, prints, goodies and support my work on www.patreon.com/shaeunderscore and on my Etsy : https://etsy.me/2Bj7ic5 and I'll try to do more events IRL in 2019.

    I'm also active on few other platforms such as FB, IG and stuff but many of them are very restrictive so if you want to fully enjoy my work you know where to go :)

    Thank you everyone here for the wonderful time, I hope to see you elsewhere!! Stay awesome 🦄

    Sets, online shop, and Tumblr

    Hello! Three things for today ♥


    As you can see, I’m less active on Tumblr now. Since the last update, many of my post are marked as NSFW, and even people who said they want to see NSFW content on the website can’t find some of my posts. Even myself, I have trouble seing my own posts. That’s very boring and doesn’t motivate me to post here :/

    I’ll keep answering Asks from time to time and post the most important news, pictures from sets, etc, but that’s all. If you want daily update with occasional NSFW content, feel free to follow me on Twitter! (@Shaeunderscore) I also answer messages and stuff there. I’m also active on FB (Shae_), DeviantART (shaeunderscore) and Instagram (Shaeunderscore) if you want :)

    And of course I happily spam my Patreon with selfies, videos and gifs of all kind!



    My sets are available on Patreon, and they are monthly exclusive.

    To get older sets, I have an “archive” tier where you can pick your set, and a “best of” tier with two choices. This last option is nice if you just discovered my work, really like it, and want to see my all-time favorite sets ♥



    Prints and goodies are available in my online shop!

    I’ll update it with new prints and add a bunch of sets and packs later this month.


    Thanks for your attention ♥ Sorry for not being very active on Tumblr lately! I hope you still like the sexy things I post from time to time!

    Drawing night!

    I'm a bit sick tonight and I'd better stay on the couch...I'll just do some random sketchs to practise a bit. Use the "ask me anything" thing to ask for sketches ♥ It can be fanart, OCs, just some random idea, NSFW or not, what you want~

    I'm also thinking about creating my own OC for when I want to take pick but don't have any better idea. Suggestion on haircut, eye color and stuff?