Die etwas strenge Dame sagte zu mir: „Wir machen jetzt einen kleinen Nylonbuben aus dir.“ Mein Schwanz stand schon im zarten Höschen und dann hielt sie mir noch einen Petticoat hin, den ich noch darüber ziehen sollte. Ein wunderbares Gefühl, das Nylongewebe an meiner prallen Eichel. Bei jeder Bewegung rieben sich Höschen und Petticoat aneinander und es raschelte geil. Weil das sehr unartig war, hat sie mich „Bestraft“, ganz sanft hat sie mich gezüchtigt, ich wurde noch geiler und wollte mehr.


    Whap women

    “How long has it been since you had a good spanking?”

    The words hung in the air before me, both embarrassing and chilling me at the same time. A cold glass of water in the face couldn’t have gotten my attention more completely. It was a question with no correct answer, and I knew it. I couldn’t even remember exactly the last time I had to go over my caring but stern stepmother’s knees to have my bare bum tanned with her awful hairbrush. Many years for sure. I searched for something to say that wouldn’t sound disrespectful but at the same time would state that I was an adult now, sure not to be treated in that childish way.

    I looked at her and her stare froze the words in my mouth. At thirty-seven she was still as attractive as when she came to live with dad and me twelve years before. Tall, with long legs, a pert bottom, and a very maternal bosom she always imposed on me with her beauty. So as always, and as Georgina knew I would, I replied with just a childish answer.

    “I don t know.”