She was a really bad liar...

    So when her Boyfriend asked her what she had been doing at his Bullies house, she did the only thing she could think of to shut him up. She leaned in and kissed him. HARD!

    She knew her Boyfriend would find out sooner or later after the shared the kiss. But how the fuck was she going to explain to her Boyfriend that she had tongue fucked his Bullies asshole until he came, then let his Bully fuck her ass until he shot a second load inside of her before she slurped the cum up after a big nasty cumfart? Especially now that she had kissed her Boyfriend on the lips and slid her nasty tongue inside his mouth!

    Stop your Whining and be a man. I may be your Aunt but your parents sent you to live with me for a good reason. You're a troublemaker and if you want to avoid being sent somewhere much worse, you'll bend over and drop your pants so I can peg you on webcam in front of all those jocks who Bully you!

    And when you feel yourself finally hit the edge of an orgasm, you better look directly into the camera and loudly moan one of your Bullies names as you cum!

    It was Halloween:

    And my Bully forced me to go trick or treating in a little pink fairy costume with a tiny skirt while he dressed in a horrifying mask and fucked my Mothers ass from behind in an abandoned building nearby while live streaming the video to my cell phone to keep me aroused and humiliated.

    Mommy made a deal with my Bully.

    Mommy let my Bully beat up her once tight virgin asshole every morning before we left for school so he wouldn’t beat me up at school any more.

    She could have offered to fuck him once a month in exchange for no Bullying  and she would have easily gotten away with it once a week. Hell, it was possible that a single offer of a one time only Blowjob would possibly have done the trick. However, Mommy’s first and only offer was to allow my Bully to use her like his personal fucktoy and use any hole he wished for as long as he wanted every morning before he drove me to school! 

    And of course my Bully accepted.

    Mommy said she was only fucking my Bully to help me out. She said she only did the every morning for my own sake. However, every morning Mommy came harder on my Bullies cock then she did the day before and every day her moans got louder and louder. Every day Mommy got worse, allowing my Bully to go from cumming on her butt and back to cumming on her face, and eventually cumming inside her asshole making me watch it drip out all over the floor one drop at a time before I cleaned it up while she went ass to mouth sucking and licking his big thick cock and balls clean.

    Every day Mommy got nastier for my Bully and seemed to care more about pleasuring him than she did about preventing him from beating me up.

    1 week later, I knew this wasn’t for me anymore...

    The only thing worse than watching my Bully surprisingly show up at my doorstep one night over the weekend with my Daughter in his arms, and seeing him kiss her on the lips at the front door with his hands on her ass...was the way my Daughter knelt on the twigs and pebbles of the rough surface and begged him to come into the house and stay a while, almost like a little puppy dog begging for food!

    The only thing worse than watching the two of them begin stripping and kissing on the couch in our living room  until I saw my precious little angel strip down to a seductive bra and panties, was watching my Bully lock a thick metal leash around her neck as she willingly showed she was ready to be controlled by my own Bully because it turned her own. 

    And the only thing worse than all that...was watching my Daughter kneel before my Bully with a metal dog collar around her neck while knowing my Daughter knew how much doing this would hurt me..but doing it anyway...and knowing that’s why she was so fucking wet at the moment!

    Worse than all that, was getting caught peeping around the corning with a raging hard on. And knowing I was about to watch my Daughter become my Bullies pet before she gave herself up to him doggystyle. And beg him for it!

    Luckily it couldn’t get any worse from here. Could it? I mean, what could possibly be any worse than all that?