Mommy made a deal with my Bully.

    Mommy let my Bully beat up her once tight virgin asshole every morning before we left for school so he wouldn’t beat me up at school any more.

    She could have offered to fuck him once a month in exchange for no Bullying  and she would have easily gotten away with it once a week. Hell, it was possible that a single offer of a one time only Blowjob would possibly have done the trick. However, Mommy’s first and only offer was to allow my Bully to use her like his personal fucktoy and use any hole he wished for as long as he wanted every morning before he drove me to school! 

    And of course my Bully accepted.

    Mommy said she was only fucking my Bully to help me out. She said she only did the every morning for my own sake. However, every morning Mommy came harder on my Bullies cock then she did the day before and every day her moans got louder and louder. Every day Mommy got worse, allowing my Bully to go from cumming on her butt and back to cumming on her face, and eventually cumming inside her asshole making me watch it drip out all over the floor one drop at a time before I cleaned it up while she went ass to mouth sucking and licking his big thick cock and balls clean.

    Every day Mommy got nastier for my Bully and seemed to care more about pleasuring him than she did about preventing him from beating me up.

    1 week later, I knew this wasn’t for me anymore...

    @anonymous, Your Daughter was a perfect little angel. An innocent girl who kept away from boys and never missed a day of school in her life.

    At least, that's what you believed with all your heart while you were at work sitting at your desk fighting off the boredom, completely unaware of your boss handing over his work to you so he could take a break to be in one of the dirty bathroom stalls nearby with her, your sweet little angel.

    You thought you Daughter was perfect little angel...a good girl who stayed away from assholes likes your boss at work. But you were wrong. Completely wrong! Because here she was in the small dirty bathroom stall begging your asshole boss to not just fuck her and make her suck his cock...but to shove her face into the dirty floor next to the unflushed toilet and slap her ass hard while he pounded her holes roughly and used her like the cheap dirty whore that she is before stretching her tight asshole and going ass to mouth. Because that’s the type of shit your “innocent little angel” actually loved....

    And the worst part about it all? You could hear her moans all the way from your desk at work! Too bad you don't realize it's your Daughter, right?

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