The teacher’s didn’t realize she was getting off on her punishments. Or maybe they did! But either way it only seemed to encourage her behavior to get worse and worse as she got punished harder and longer each and every day for the horrible things she did to her classmates!

    Her Father purposely signed her up for Ballet classes looking to keep her out of trouble...Instead, she discovered that her Father’s Bully was the dance instructor, requested private lessons with him instead so she could seduce him, then spent all day long at her Ballet practice getting fucked by her Father’s Bully and easily taking his cock in every hole for hours with multiple cumshots and creampies and facials until her Father would finally show up, pay his Bully, and drive her home completely oblivious to what was actually going on.

    She was such a slutty Ballerina!

    And she lost...Just as she expected she would!

    Now she had lost the keys to her car AND the keys to her Boyfriends manhood. But she didn't really care...She was now free to pickup and fuck any man she wanted with he perfect excuse to tell her loving but horny pussy-free Boyfriend later on!

    She was finally free to fuck another man with a bigger cock and could simply use the excuse of saying she only did it because her Boyfriend wasn't giving her what she needed at home. All she had to do was tell her Boyfriend that she wouldn't have done it if he could satisfy he and she'd be home free - Ready to cheat on him again at the very first opportunity she saw!

    And the best part of it all? Her Boyfriend had already been locked up so long that she could easily manipulate him into believing he was willingly allowing this to happen and begin loving her more every time she cheated despite the fact that she no longer held the key, and her Boyfriend would most likely never experience sex or orgasms ever again!

    She should have never said yes and agreed to such terms.

    But she NEVER backed down from a race…Never!

    Now she was about to race her Boyfriends Bully and if she lost - She would have to not only hand over the keys to her car, but also hand over the keys to her Boyfriends chastity belt! And judging by what she saw under the hood of his Bullies car, there was absolutely no chance she could win the race!

    It was already a done deal. She was going to lose!