Ever since Bumping into my Bully at the bar and showing up at night club we meant to meet at 4 hours late, I suspected something was up with my girlfriend. Was she cheating on me? Did she fuck my Bully?

    She was absolutely acting strangely tonight and even though my Girlfriend told me everything was fine and urged me to relax and enjoy our special Halloween night together, I couldn’t do it! I still suspected something was up with her...

    I couldn’t be certain what it was exactly, but my girlfriend reassured me everything was fine over and over again. 

    My Girlfriend claimed that she most certainly hadn’t cheated on me. And she promised me that absolutely nothing of importance happened between herself and my Bully, who had tried getting into her panties on numerous occasions already. And to prove it, my Girlfriend pulled me into a public restroom to get me alone, and pulled my cock out to give me a blowjob.

    I was so excited by my Girlfriends surprising reaction that all my worries simply vanished and  excitedly began to relax and enjoy the first blowjob my Girlfriend had given me in over 2 years since we had been together...

    6 Minutes later I was ready to blow my load! Too close to stop now and right as I hit the point of no return, my girlfriend suddenly looked up at me with glowing red eyes and grew long razor sharp fangs right before my very eyes! 

    Just before I could begin my orgasm, my girlfriend sunk her fangs into my balls sucking them dry and effectively ruining my very last orgasm as a human.

    15 seconds later, I was haunted by my Girlfriends laughs while I was lying on the dirty bathroom floor convulsing as I began my transformation into a blood sucking vampire who lived to serve as a slave under the vampire king, my Bully!

    How could things get any worse?


    my daughhters a sweet girl who acts very innocent all the time but i can't stop fantasizing about her being a huge slut when i'm not aroundd. i've got this boss who i thinks a huge asshole and a couple of days ago I heard a girl moaning in a nearby bathroom that he had gone in earlier and was too distracted by thoughts of him fucking her to work. i couldn't help but picture my daughter getting fucked by him because i'm pretty sure she has a small crush on him... could you caption that for me?

    You really think your Daughter’s an angel? You really think she wouldn’t fuck an older man at your office while you work? You really think she cares whether or not he’s an asshole in charge of you? Maybe she does, but you might want to read this caption and find out for yourself…

  • Your Daughter WAS An Angel
  • @anonymous, Your Daughter was a perfect little angel. An innocent girl who kept away from boys and never missed a day of school in her life.

    At least, that's what you believed with all your heart while you were at work sitting at your desk fighting off the boredom, completely unaware of your boss handing over his work to you so he could take a break to be in one of the dirty bathroom stalls nearby with her, your sweet little angel.

    You thought you Daughter was perfect little angel...a good girl who stayed away from assholes likes your boss at work. But you were wrong. Completely wrong! Because here she was in the small dirty bathroom stall begging your asshole boss to not just fuck her and make her suck his cock...but to shove her face into the dirty floor next to the unflushed toilet and slap her ass hard while he pounded her holes roughly and used her like the cheap dirty whore that she is before stretching her tight asshole and going ass to mouth. Because that’s the type of shit your “innocent little angel” actually loved....

    And the worst part about it all? You could hear her moans all the way from your desk at work! Too bad you don't realize it's your Daughter, right?

    Got a request for me? Send me a message and I’ll see what I can do! My ask and messenger are always open. So..what will you request next?

    On My Own Fucking Birthday!

    It was My Birthday, but my Girlfriend thought it’d be much hotter if I bought her presents tonight instead, as well as paying for her to get into the expensive nightclub I wasn’t a fan of so I would find myself in the very situation I was in right now in this very moment...watching my horny girlfriend from the other side of the building through a small peephole and witnessing her get fingered to an orgasm by one of my Bullies right there on the dance floor where anyone could see! ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    It was absolutely not what I had in mind for a good time when celebrating my Birthday with my Girlfriend but she was totally right though. It actually was hot as hell to witness and instead of getting mad at her and becoming pissed off that she’d let my Bully do that on the dance floor, especially on my Birthday...I actually found myself so aroused that I begged her for more tonight.

    I actually begged her to forget about the special night in bed that we had planned and begged her to fuck my Bully in the dirty public bathroom stall so she’d know how great my Bullies huge cock was (And it was HUGE! I knew so from changing in the school locker rooms...), promising to buy them condoms so they could fuck and sever them alcohol and food later tonight at the house while my Girlfriend and my Bully opened my Birthday presents together, ate my cake, flirted on my couch, and eventually fucked in my own bed...ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    My Girlfriend almost acted as if she expected this from me, and eagerly agreed to what I was begging her to do under the condition that I skip the condoms and let him cum inside her pussy without protection tonight and soon I was down on my hands and knees in a dirty bathroom stall watching my loving Girlfriend cheat on me with my Bully in a dirty public bathroom.

    I was both excited for, and dreading the time when my Girlfriend let my Bully cum inside of her later tonight knowing there was a high risk of pregnancy around this time and if I wasn’t careful, my Bully might end up knocking my Girlfriend up...ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    But that was a long time from now and anything could happen! between now and then. If I ever lasted that long without backing out or having something else happen...Who’s to say they’d stop after one night of sex?

    I was laying in bed feeling absolutely horrible for allowing it to happen when my Bully began sending the photos, GIFs, and videos of my Girlfriend getting fucked. Slowly but surely, I found myself becoming erect and aroused...

    All it took was a little bit of reminding and a little bit of a nudge in the right direction and my Bully had somehow managed to turn me into a fully fledged cuckold by the end of the night, and a cum eating pussy denied wimp kept around for the support and money by my cheating slut girlfriend by the end of the week.

    Just a little nudge from my Bully, & he turned me into a cuckold!