When I woke up in the alley the next morning with cuts and bruises all over my body, I realized I hadn’t JUST been mugged by my Bully and his friends. I had also been forced to watch my Sister receive the best fuck of her life and the image of her face as she came on my Bullies cocks would stick with me forever! Now I lay there naked - without a cell phone or I.D. - with a massive headache and a surprisingly erect cock.

    Relax, I'm the school nurse.

    It seems my Son - the guy who's always Bullying you - knocked you out a few hours ago and left you laying face down in the dirt. So a few of your classmates carried you into my office and asked me to take care of you.

    You must be in a lot of pain after the things my Son did to you out in the parking lot. I heard her kicked you in the nuts a few dozen times as well as stomping your face into the gravel. Among other things. I'm so sorry about that! My Son always was a bit of a jerk.

    Anyway...I took the liberty of locking your little cock in chastity while you were out cold, but we'll talk about that later. 

    Get some rest!