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    She knew he was an asshole but continued telling herself that it was all for you throughout the night when he’d smack her ass or call her degrading names at the bar as they drank. 

    Your Mother didn’t enjoy her date with your Bully one bit but she knew that giving him a titjob at the end of the night and letting him spurt a huge load on her brand new tits would be the perfect way to open a conversation with him allowing her to strike a deal that would convince your Bully to leave you alone all month long. 

    Unfortunately your Mother never guessed that she would enjoy having your Bullies cock sliding between her tits so much that she totally forgot to make a deal with your Bully. 

    Her attempt to help you out had backfired and now...she gave your Bully a titjob every Friday night while his Bully only got worse and worse and worse. But your Mother didn’t care. Not as long as she felt his hot cum splattering against her big fake tits every weekend before sucking them clean while he watched!

    Mrs. Cox: After what you did to my Son after when you beat him up...I want you to have me!

    Her Sons Bully: Are you serious Mrs. Cox? Isn’t this wrong in your eyes? Aren’t you supposed to protect your week wimpy Son against Bullies like me?

    Mrs. Cox: Yes. I am! But it’s much more exciting to seduce you and get my holes pounded while my Sons upstairs, completely unaware of it! Don’t you think so?

    Her Sons Bully: Yes...this is pretty exciting!

    Mrs. Cox: Then Why don’t you stop touching my tits and give me that big dick? Spin me around and push me up against the wall. Then make me betray my Son by making me fuck his biggest Bully after you beat him up, knocked him over, and smeared his face in the dirt and mud!

    Her Sons Bully: Yes Maam!

    Her Sons Bully: Are we going to do this again sometime Mrs. Cox?

    I was laying in bed feeling absolutely horrible for allowing it to happen when my Bully began sending the photos, GIFs, and videos of my Girlfriend getting fucked. Slowly but surely, I found myself becoming erect and aroused...

    All it took was a little bit of reminding and a little bit of a nudge in the right direction and my Bully had somehow managed to turn me into a fully fledged cuckold by the end of the night, and a cum eating pussy denied wimp kept around for the support and money by my cheating slut girlfriend by the end of the week.

    Just a little nudge from my Bully, & he turned me into a cuckold!

    What even my Bully didn’t know....was, my Sister had found out what was going on too! And she planned to surprise my Bully in the locker rooms catching him off guard with her flirting before he had a chance to confront and seduce my Girlfriend.

    Would my Bully end up getting seduced by my Sister? Would my Girlfriend be the one to get bent over and pounded by my Bully? Or would the both end up worshiping his big cock tonight? 

    And...what would I do?