Last year, Mom decided to lock my cock in chastity as a kinky little Birthday gift on the side while leaving me under the assumption that this years present would be unlocking me for the most intense orgasm ever!

    Instead, Mom left me locked in chastity and tied me to a chair as she made me watch her teach my Girlfriend of 4 weeks how to give a proper lap dance - So she could use her newfound skills to climb into the lap of another man and seduce my Bully into fucking her right before my eyes as I sat there tied to a chair naked, locked in chastity, and gagged with a pair of her dirty wet panties!

    Fuck it was hot watching my Girlfriend grind in my Mother lap learning to become an expert in teasing and seduction while mastering the art of lap dancing as my Mother did back in her college years while working as a stripper.

    Instead of release after 365 days of denial, I found myself tied to a chair watching my Girlfriend be encouraged to cheat on me with my Bully and a few hours later, I found myself sitting there watching in awe with my Mothers voice in my ear as my Girlfriends lap dance with my Bully was quickly turning into something far more intimate that a simply lap dance for fun.

    It was hot. But after a year in this damn chastity belt, all I really wanted was to be set free. One Birthday down and no key...Looks like I'd be waiting another year for my chance to be unlocked!

    Since Mom was still super mad at me for something stupid that happened last weekend, she thought it'd be funny to let my Bully plan my Birthday party instead of doing it herself...

    So she gave my Bully a call the night before the party and told him the plans had been canceled. She explained that I had gotten in trouble recently and no longer wanted to give me the amazing unforgettable party I wanted. 

    My Mother explained this was a bit of punishment for me and asked if my Bully would be willing to plan the party of me instead - Fully aware of the fact that my Bully would likely go all out to make my Birthday as miserable as possible. However, even my Mom had no idea just how far my Bully would take it!

    Several hours later...

    My friends and family were having the time of their lives without me at one of the biggest and most impressive parties the town had ever seen. A party so amazing that nobody even realized that my Girlfriend and I were missing...

    My Girlfriend find herself in heaven - all alone with my Bully - getting the best fuck of her life as my Bully penetrated her with his big 7.5 inch cock! Having multiple screaming orgasms within the first couple of minutes while begging my Bully to cum inside her with his bigger cock and my Bully hadn’t even asked a small group of his friends to join in yet!

    And I found myself locked in the basement of an unfamiliar house my Bully had tricked me into - Forced to get on my knees and service big shemale cocks all night long. Licking them. Sucking them. Worshiping them.And more as I  grudging swallowed load after load after load of their cum.

    In the end....It was absolutely the

    For me anyway!

    Everybody else I knew had the time of their lives - Especially my Girlfriend - and they all  told me that my Bully would be planning ALL my parties from now on.

    Mom hired a stripper for my Birthday to keep me entertained while she was away fucking my Bully. It was her way of distracting me so I wouldn't find out.

    Little did Mom know, my Girlfriend had locked me up in chastity a month prior to my Birthday and had been keeping me horny, frustrated, and denied all week long in preparation for a special Birthday release that included fulfilling a big cuckolding fantasy of mine wile watching a Bully of mine fuck my Girlfriend while I stroked my cock, followed by an erotic threesome in bed with my Girlfriend and her best friend - If I could actually last through the cuckolding without cumming early.

    Needless to say, if this stripper was indeed as good as Mom claimed she was...there’s no fucking way I was going to last long enough later tonight!

    Also, I was beginning to really really really regret choosing to wear the damn chastity belt with spikes tonight. And the stripper had barely even begun!

    It was the greatest day of her life!

    Not only did she had an incredible Birthday. But the wish she made when blowing out the candles on the cake she had been given actually came true. 

    Now she sat outside in pure bliss and feeling more satisfied than ever as her three biggest Bullies willingly stripped naked, crawled between her legs, and submitted to her today exactly the way she wished for! She sat there happily squirting on their tongues as her Bullies serviced her - eagerly licking her wet pussy to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm!

    For one the first - and probably only - time ever, they treated HER like a queen!

    12 hours down, and just 12 more to go!

    I wasn’t even invited to my own Birthday party!

    I was locked out of my own house for hours in the freezing rain while a small group of my Bullies took my place instead.

    It was no more than 15°F outside while I stood in nothing but a t-shirt and shorts for hours. It stormed on it, it rained on me. It even snowed and hailed on me a little. But nobody ever bothered to let me inside. 

    So how did I know it was the greatest Birthday party ever? My Bullies were sure to let me know how incredible it was at every single opportunity they found!

    Birthday Boy: Surprise!

    When my older cousin found out my Girlfriend had bought me a spiked chastity belt and locked me in it for my Birthday, she immediately began teasing me!

    I had absolutely no fucking clue how she had found out I was wearing a spiked chastity belt around my cock, but the minute she learned of it - My Cousin was in my ear laughing at me and teasing me about it, slying bringing up things in her conversations to embarrass me...All while brushing her ass against me and touching me at every opportunity she got!

    My Cousin was driving me crazy and I had only been locked up for a few hours!

    My older cousin was always a Bully when the two of us were younger.

    She was always bigger than me when I was younger and used that to her advantage to push me around and make me do whatever I wanted. Her behavior over the years had only gotten worse and worse and nobody ever did anything to stop it because as soon as another person was around - She’d flip a switch and act like an angel. Always fooling them into thinking she was the sweetest thing in the world before flipping back to the bitchy girl I knew as soon as they had left the room!

    Thankfully, my Cousin had changed since the last time I saw her. Graduating collage had given her a new perspective on life and she was much more polite that she had ever been thanks to whatever it was that stopped her from Bullying me!

    Still, my Cousin had always driven me insane. Only now, she wasn’t doing it by Bullying me. Instead, my Cousin was driving me crazy in another way - By being overly nice clingy, and flirty towards me! And I couldn’t even get hard!

    All day long my Cousin teased and flirted with me, occasionally crossing the line between having a little bit of fun with a relative, to actually hinting that she may have been interested in something a little bit more than flirting.

    But she knew I couldn’t. That’s why she was teasing me!

    So the teasing went on, all day long and completely nonstop except for a few moments during the day which my Cousin knew she couldn’t get away with it.

    And eventually... I fell asleep in my own bed, eager to wake up in the morning and get this damn thing off my cock so my Girlfriend and I could have the greatest sex of our lives. Something I was really looking forward to!

    The next morning when I woke up, I noticed I was no longer in my bedroom.

    In fact, I was in a completely unfamiliar place with no idea where I was or how I had gotten there. My hands were cuffed behind my back and my legs were tied together. I was bound in place and completely unable to move with a pair of dirty panties stuffed into my mouth. Very wet panties. Soaking wet actually.

    Wet panties that were unmistakably my Cousins. And I only knew that because nobody else in my family would have worn such a slutty pair of panties and truth be told...I had jerked off into a pair or 2 of my Cousins panties in the past.

    Immediately I began to panic.

    I was tied up in an unfamiliar place with absolutely no clue how I got here.

    But as I began to panic, my Older cousin emerged from the shadows in a hot sexy dominatrix outfit and immediately plopped her big fat ass directly onto my lap without warning and began to wiggle around.


    I tried fighting it, but I immediately felt my cock begin to become erect and those spikes instantly began digging into my cock. Sharp painful spikes digging into my cock from every angel as the undersized cage prevented my cock from growing any bigger. And yet I couldn’t get soft.

    Not with my hot but bitchy older Cousin sitting in my lap wiggling her ass against my cock in a tight latex outfit! So as much as I fought it, my cock got harder!

    "You're Mine" My Cousin Conveyed . "All mine! She uttered with a grin as she gripped my knees for support and dug her ass into my crotch a little harder.

    She went silent for a little while, letting the clock tick away as I mumbled into the gag begging her to let me go and demanding to know what the fuck was going on, knowing the panties stuffed inside my mouth prevented her from hearing.

    “You’re all mine for the next 7 days." She exclaimed after nearly 15 minutes of complete silence. “I'm going to tease you. I'm going to torture you. I'm going to Bully you. And I'm going to bring you to the brink of insanity without once letting you cum in the next 7 days.” My Cousin told me.

    “In fact, by the time I finally let you go - IF I DECIDE TO LET YOU GO - you'll wish you never asked your Girlfriend to lock you in chastity!” My Cousin said.

    I was already regretting the decision to let my Girlfriend know I was interested in trying out chastity. Sure I had always wanted to be locked up and denied. But in just 30 short minutes, my older Cousin had me wishing I had never told her about my fetish and this was only the beginning.

    If what my Cousin said was true. She had me for the next 7 days. I would be at her mercy for the next 168 hours and things were about to get crazy from here!

    The teasing continued for hours.

    My cousin had finally stood up and stopped her relentless grinding against my crotch but now she hovered over me, kissing and licking and nibbling all over my body seductively, while her fingertips actively massaged and teased my sore aching full balls!

    And I never got a break!

    Even when my Cousin left me alone, she taped tiny vibrators around my body and left them buzzing on their lowest setting...keeping me horny and semi-erect - with my cock trying its damndest to get hard in it’s spiked prison.

    As the teasing continued, so did the torture.

    Seconds began to feel like minutes and minutes began feeling like hours. But my relentless Cousin never let up. She’d occasionally flip a switch and start treating me like a lover - talking sweetly, rubbing my pain away, and slowly convincing me that she would finally set me free. Only to flip that switch again and cruelly tease me to the brink of tears as the spiked only dug in deeper to my erect cock.

    16 hours had passed since I had woken up at my Cousin mercy, and she had finally let me sleep. Tomorrow would be the real test my Cousin told me as I finally began to drift off to sleep.

    The next morning, I woke up with my Cousin laying naked on top of me!

    “Wake up sleepy head” My Cousin said with a giggle, shoving a small pill into my mouth and forcing me to swallow

    “What the FU....”I began to say after swallowing the pill until she held her hands over my mouth and whispered, “Viagra...”

    The clock is ticking is what my Cousin repeated over and over again as she dragged me out of bed in cuffs and brought me down to the basement where she had all kinds of torturous looking devices. Her sex dungeon she had called it as she stripped me naked and strapped me in, once again gagging me with a fresh pair of her dirty panties as soon as I was secured.

    “Oh, how do you like those spikes?" My cousin asked as she knelt between my legs and began massaging my balls. "I sharpened them last night just for you!” She told me as I felt my cock began to stiffen inside the cage...


    WHAT? SHARPENED? You’ve got to be kidding me.” I found myself thinking. “This woman was trying to kill me!” I thought as I felt the sharp pain of those spikes digging into my erection.

    “Just 143 Hours to go...” My Cousin said with a grin...

    The next 6 days of my life was a rollercoster of emotions.

    Relentless teasing, plenty of Viagra, sharp painful spikes preventing my erection, and hours of nonstop seduction and teasing from my crazy Cousin who seemed to know my every fantasy, every desire, and every fetish. A Cousin who knew how to push my every button and bring me to the brink of tears with arousal and frustration!

    However, as soon as the 7 days were Cousin set me free!

    She pulled out a ring of keys, grabbed one of them,and used it to unlock my chastity belt, tossing it aside as she used another key to unlock my handcuffs and begin to set me free.

    “Well? How was that?” A familiar voice in the room behind my said.

    Emerging from the shadows was my Girlfriend, my sweet and loving Girlfriend who leaped at me to give me a big hug, wrapping her arms and legs around me as she whispered in my ear, “Wasn’t that hot as hell?”

    Glancing back at my Cousin with surprise, she simply shrugged back at me while my Girlfriend pushed me to the ground and mounted my cock. She pinned my arms behind my head and began riding my cock...slowly picking up the pace and leaning in to kiss me as my cock erupted inside of her just a few minutes later - Releasing 7 days worth of built up cum into her tight wet hole splattering the insides of her pussy with the biggest load of cum I ever had!

    As I finally recovered from the most intense orgasm of my life, I saw the two of them looking down at me with huge grins on their face. My Girlfriend rolled off of me and my Cousin took her place, wrapping her arms and legs around me as she mounted my cock and rode me too!

    Again I exploded within minutes, draining my balls one last time into my Cousins pussy uncontrollably as she milked me dry.

    Turns out my older Cousin had colluded with my Girlfriend to give me the ultimate Birthday present - A week of nightmares, chastity, and denial with my own Cousin which also happened to be my biggest fantasy come true. They had come together months ago to discuss my Birthday surprise and subliminally convince me to confess my chastity fetish to them so they could give me what I had always wanted.

    And boy did they deliver. It was the most intense and unforgettable 7 days of my life and although I never wanted to see that damn chastity belt again in the foreseeable future...I knew I be begging them to lock me up again eventually.

    Only problem is, I never told anybody about that fantasy. I never told anybody I had thought about fucking my Cousin and was always extra careful and paranoid about leaving evidence behind on my computer so it would remain a secret. So how the fuck did my Girlfriend and my Cousin find ever out?

    When my Bullying older cousin found out my Girlfriend had bought me a spiked chastity belt last night and had locked me in it after hours of foreplay and denial for my Birthday, she immediately began teasing me!

    My older Cousin tied me up, fed me a Viagra pill, then plopped her big ass into my lap, and began grinding until I was almost out of my mind!


    When I release you next month, you’ll earn 5 seconds of stroking for every picture of your Bully that you find hidden around the house. Find enough of them and maybe you’ll earn an orgasm while looking at a bigger version of your Bullies photo while I make you look into his eyes!

    Oh, and you better start looking, because we’re having guests over tonight and several of those photos are quite easy to find! Especially the ones I’ve paired with photos of your Bullies cock...

    Happy Birthday Dear!

    It was less than a week after your engagement that you reluctantly agreed to let your Girlfriend have one last kiss with another man for her Birthday. anywhere she wanted. Any way she wanted. For at least 15 minutes...

    And under no circumstances were you allowed to object!

    Your Girlfriend was so much more excited than you could have ever imagined but she swore it would be nothing more than just a little kiss and insisted that you be there to watch. After some consideration, you reluctantly agreed!

    Several hours later your Girlfriend was all ready for her big night and asked you to wait up in the bedroom while she went downstairs and greeted her guest in a sexy and intimate red dress you had bought for her last year.

    Your heart was pounding as you heard the doorbell ring and heart your losing Girlfriend great him excitedly. A couple minutes later you saw her being carried into the bedroom by another man without her dress already and immediately realized this wasn’t simply going to be the quick 5 second kiss with a stranger neither of you would ever see again as you had originally been expecting...

    She could have chosen any man in the world. A complete stranger, an old friend of hers, even an Ex she used to be involved with. And yet - of all the men to choose from in the world - your Girlfriend chose to kiss your Bully...

    And the very last thing you remember her saying to your Bully was, “I Love You!”

    You never expected it to be so fucking intimate!

    My Girlfriend loved me.

    However, my Ex didn’t quite feel the same way and tonight, she was going to return after being away for a little more than a year to extract revenge on me for breaking up with her, something which had to be done!

    My bitchy psychotic Ex Girlfriend hated me more than anything in the world for breaking up with her one year ago on the night I caught her cheating on me at my own Birthday party by getting gangbanged by the entire football team and my Bullies friends at the party.

    According to her, I should have sat down and watched her take multiple cocks in both hands and every hole during that huge interracial gangbang while confessing my love to her! But I hadn’t done that. I broke up with her that night causing my Ex to beg for their seed inside her pussy while swearing revenge.

    One year later my Ex Girlfriend still hated me so much that she returned to my neighborhood on order to get revenge. My Ex introduced herself to my new and current Girlfriend while I wasn’t around and slowly began to seduce her throughout the night. 

    Several hours later my Ex had convinced my Girlfriend that she was unsatisfied with my little cock and needed something bigger, such as my Bullies.

    My Ex fingered my Girlfriends pussy keeping her on the edge while they kissed, occasionally having my Girlfriend lick her fingers clean while discussing what my Girlfriend needed and my Ex’s plan was working Easily.

    Before my Girlfriend had even been stripped completely naked, my Ex had fully convinced my Girlfriend to join her in a big interracial gangbang tonight on my Birthday, with my Bully, his friends, and the entire football team. And my Ex had talked my Girlfriend into doing it in my own house on my own bed without the use of condoms at all!

    There was just one cog left in my psychotic Ex Girlfriends plan and the moment she and I made eye contact. I was really worried about what she might be up to. Any guesses as to what my Ex had planned for me...?