Who am I?

    I'm the girl your Son brought home last night after a few hours at the nightclub.

    What am I still doing here?

    Well, I saw the old box of kinky sex toys you've got hidden in the basement and noticed an unopened chastity belt thrown into the mix. I thought it might be fun to open it and lock it around your Son's cock while he was sleeping.

    I've got the key now and if you ever want it back...you're going to seduce your Son's Bully and make your Son watch as his Bully fucks you all night long! Otherwise your Son will never get to have an erection or cum again.

    My Wife and I were virgins, saving ourselves for the honeymoon when our plans got ruined after I found out the sleazy man who loaned me money had gotten the cash from a Bully of mine who would only accept sex with me newlywed Wife as soon as possible as payment for the money he had given me for the honeymoon!

    I had to watch my wife lose her virginity to my Bully before I was allowed to even consummate our marriage or spent some time with my loving wife and my Bully ended up cumming all over my Wife’s pussy despite her making him promise to cum somewhere else, anywhere else!

    By the time my Bully was all finished, my newlywed wife was too sore and tired to bother letting me fuck her, instead she made me lick her clean then rolled over and went to bed without once uttering the words, "i love you"


    It was hard to show how pissed off she was at her Sister between her moans. She had been caught red handed last night and as usual, her bitchy Sister was blackmailing her once again. Only this time, her Sister was making her have sex with her biggest Bully! 

    She wanted to yell at her big Sister. She wanted to scream at her for being such a bitch, but it all came out as nothing but indistinguishable moans as she began cumming all over her Bullies thick cock.

    It had been nearly 6 months now and to date, he still hadn't guessed right. Guess he should have learned to stand up for himself a long time ago so he didn't have so many Bullies to choose from! 

    24 of his Bullies down, and still 3 or 4 dozen of them left for her to fuck!

    Turns out, my Bullies Sister is quite the Bully too...

    As soon as I allowed myself to be controlled by her demands and let her fart in my mouth, I was screwed. Not only did my Bullies Sister tell her Brother and all his friends I was aroused by farts, but she also forced me to become her fart slave through blackmail, telling me that if I didn’t agree to be her fart slave, she would show my friends and family and classmates the video of me  down on my knees begging her to fart on my tongue as well!

    The professional dominatrix I had been seeing for the past couple of months had me by the balls. She had thousands of photos of me sucking dildos or getting pegged. And she had hundreds of humiliating videos of me. And she had even talked me into chastity a month ago leaving me little choice but to accept my fate and choose a Bully to send the keys to!