Every morning - like clockwork - I was woken up before the sound of my alarm by my horny Daughters moan coming from her bedroom down the hallway.

    She was always laying in bed with a hand buried between her legs moaning my Bullies name loudly as she masturbated to thoughts of my old high school Bully turned horrible boss several years ago and she was playing with her client as she was fantasizing about him sliding his big fat cock into her tight pussy and fucking her like a little whore!

    She woke me up from masturbating every morning at exactly the same time and the sounds of her crying out my Bullies name as she came still rang in my ears long before I managed to pull myself out of bed and drag myself out of my room.

    By the time I was ready to leave, my Daughter would grin as she asked me to say hi to my Bully or something like that and sweetly kiss me on the cheek as I was walking out the door. But she’d always make some rude sarcastic remark or talk back to me if I didn’t respond exactly how she wanted me to...

    The next morning was always exactly the same. I’d wake up to the sounds of my bratty Daughter moaning my bosses name and head off to work again, slightly angrier and more frustrated than the day before!

    I always thought she was just acting out. I was completely obvious to the fact that she was skipping school almost once a week to call my Bully up on the phone to have him come to the house and pound her on my bed! 

    As a single Father recently dealing with a divorce, I simply didn’t have time to notice. Not even when they left cum stains on my sheets and smears of pussy juice on my pillow. Not even when I entered my bedroom hours after they were finished only to be greeted with a musky scent that was unmistakable! 

    She even taunted me about it from the moment I got home from work until the second I fell asleep in my bed and yet - I was far to oblivious to notice!