It was so nice of my Mother to do whatever it took to get the one and only key back after I explained to her that I had lost the key to the chastity belt I had been secretly experimenting with and the Bullies who found it refused to give it back. I was happier than ever to finally have the key to my cock’s freedom back. However, my Mother was my keyholder now!

    The very first thing your Mother did after paying for her new tits with a boobjob was use those big bouncy fake tits to help seduce your Bully.

    She knew he was an asshole but continued telling herself that it was all for you throughout the night when he’d smack her ass or call her degrading names at the bar as they drank. 

    Your Mother didn’t enjoy her date with your Bully one bit but she knew that giving him a titjob at the end of the night and letting him spurt a huge load on her brand new tits would be the perfect way to open a conversation with him allowing her to strike a deal that would convince your Bully to leave you alone all month long. 

    Unfortunately your Mother never guessed that she would enjoy having your Bullies cock sliding between her tits so much that she totally forgot to make a deal with your Bully. 

    Her attempt to help you out had backfired and now...she gave your Bully a titjob every Friday night while his Bully only got worse and worse and worse. But your Mother didn’t care. Not as long as she felt his hot cum splattering against her big fake tits every weekend before sucking them clean while he watched!

    My Big Sister hated my Bully

    But every weekend my Big Sister showed up at my Bullies doorstep to be his booty call and let him fuck her like a doll until he drained his balls inside her. She was doing it for me. She was doing it to keep this creep from beating me up and making my life miserable.

    But I always felt that deep down, she kinda liked what she did with him...