My Sister caught me spying on her while she was having sex with my Bully...

    Don't be shy little Brother. You can join us if you'd like. All you have to do is ask! Ask your Bully if you can lick his cum off my big tits after he's done spraying his load all over them. I'm sure he won't mind if you do.

    I don’t know what came over me. I should have never spied on my Sister in the first place. But I couldn’t look away when I saw her giving a titjob to my Bully after sex. Worst of all, she had caught me almost right away and insisted I join her. But I didn’t have any desire to taste my Bullies spunk. Especially not with him looking down at me laughing! But I couldn’t resist. Something compelled me to do it against my will and no matter how hard I fought it - I couldn’t stop myself from slurping that thick disgusting cum off her big tits!

    My Bully told my Sister and I that he would stop Bullying me for good if she and I had sex while he watched. We were both a bit hesitant at first but after a couple of drinks, my Sister loosened up a bit. Before I knew it, she and I was back at the house fucking quietly on the couch while trying not to wake Mom & Dad as my Bully sat across from us watching until I came inside her pussy...

    I'm pretty sure my Bully intended on it all being a silly prank and I still don't think my Bully had any intentions of ever stopping the things he did but at least his Bullying got me the best pussy in the world!

    Oh my god! I'm so glad you're into this whole pegging fetish as well...

    I've been searching for somebody to use this on ever since I made a mold of your Bullies big cock with that clone-a-willy kits I bought online. I guess it's only fitting that it's you  out of all people who gets to try it out first, right little Brother?! It’s not too big, is it? Oh silly me...of course it is!

    Stop whining like a little bitch and cum on your Bullies cock for me!

    She only did it out of jealously.

    She hated her Brother almost as much as she hated her Bully, but as soon as she found out her Bully had been sleeping with her Brother she had gotten so jealous that she actually seduced her own Brother before letting him come fuck her on webcam  while the girl who Bullied her watched!

    She thought only her Bully could see her right now. She had no idea the webcam wasn't private however, and she didn't realize that among the hundreds of people watching were her own parents too!

    There was a huge mix-up at a local gloryhole earlier today.

    My really bitchy and insanely slutty Sister had snuck over there while grounded because she heard my Bully was going to be there and was looking to fuck him. 

    I had followed her over there because I was worried she might try something like this and had noticed my Bullies hot older Sister had done the same as me and had gone into one of the booths to avoid being seen. 

    Looking to finally lose my virginity and get some pussy, I decided to allow my Sister to fuck my Bully through the gloryhole so I could instead sneak into the booth next to my Bullies Sister and plunge my cock into her pussy without anyone knowing who I was. 

    But somehow, there was a mix-up when heading into the booth and I accidentally found myself  fucking my Sister's cunt as my Bully was getting some from his Sister in the booth next to us. I hadn't realized the mistake until I heard my Sister moan out loud 15 minutes later. 

    Realizing what I had done pushed me over the edge, accidentally causing me to explode deep inside my Sister's tight unprotected pussy before I even had a chance to try to pull out!

    She enjoyed farting on my face while chatting with my Bullies on webcam.

    My Bullying Step-Sister would dig up dirt on me just to convince me to bury my face between her cheeks then let 'em rip in my face while my Bullies teased, and taunted, and made fun of me! Especially when they'd watch me run out of the room blushing while desperately trying to hide my tiny bulge in my pants when my Step-Sister was all finished!

    As humiliating as it was, I always found myself laying in bed jerking off to a 30 second orgasm while wondering who might have been watching the webcam besides my Bullies as soon as it was all over. I couldn’t help myself!

    I wonder who else had seen?