Relax, I'm the school nurse.

    It seems my Son - the guy who's always Bullying you - knocked you out a few hours ago and left you laying face down in the dirt. So a few of your classmates carried you into my office and asked me to take care of you.

    You must be in a lot of pain after the things my Son did to you out in the parking lot. I heard her kicked you in the nuts a few dozen times as well as stomping your face into the gravel. Among other things. I'm so sorry about that! My Son always was a bit of a jerk.

    Anyway...I took the liberty of locking your little cock in chastity while you were out cold, but we'll talk about that later.

    Get some rest!

    Somehow, I don't think this humiliating solution my Mother devised during her day off of work was going to have any affect of my Bullies Mother at all. if anything, I believed it would only convince her I was someone unworthy of respect who deserved to be tortured and Bullied by her Son. 

    However, I was far too afraid to disobey my strict Mother to actually refuse. So I dropped to my knees and reluctantly began to crawl towards them.

    My Bullies Mother knew I thought she was hot.

    She knew that I couldn’t help but get aroused by a MILF like her so she would strip naked and masturbate outside near my backyard, so I just happened to see her through my window. My Bullies Mother knew I couldn’t resist jerking off while watching her and that a few minutes later I wouldn’t be able to resist coming outside to see her after her teasing had gone too far.

    And she got off on knowing that her Son, my Bully, would be there to stop and bully me the moment I stepped foot outside my house with an erection.

    Everybody Knew it

    My Bully was out fucking my Girlfriend and everyone knew it!

    They all saw the two of them together but simply ignored it as they walked by. Even my Bullies Mother didn’t seem to be bothered by what my Bully was doing with my Girlfriend, despite the fact that she knew the girl my Bully was with just happened to be my Girlfriend & he was openly flirting with my.Girlfriend in front of his own Mother. Yet even my Bullies Mother ignored it.

    Hell, my Bullies Mother didn’t even seem to mind when my Bully openly stole my Girlfriend away from my arms tonight and brought he back to his house to fuck on his own Mothers bed for a night of intense Halloween sex!

    However…as I was sulking in the corner of a small bar drinking myself to death over the whole ordeal, my Bullies Mother tapped me on the shoulder during a surprise visit and whispered in my ear seductively, “Follow me into the woods behind this bar, I’ll help cheer you up!” With a little wink while she rubbed my cock slowly through my jeans and disappeared out the door…leaving me and a few others around me in complete shock by her offer!

    I was shocked when my Bullies Mother had practically offered me sex to help cheer me up, but something still seemed a little bit off. It was a dark and stormy Halloween night and something about my Bullies Mother confronting me this way didn’t quite seem right. Besides, there were always the strange and creepy rumors people whispered about my Bullies Mother around this time of the year to consider as well!

    Either way I got up and paid the bill, and slowly made my way into the terrifying woods in the middle of the night where I was greeted by my Bullies Mother standing there in the dark woods...completely naked! 

    Something WAS different about my Bullies Mother now that she had lured me all the way out to this secluded area of the woods. She was acting very different than usual and now that she was naked, she looked different too, hell even her hair was now a different color.

    But it was her for sure! I knew it was her!

    My Bullies Mother didn’t say anything though, she simply stood there naked for a couple more seconds studying my erection, and opened her mouth widely to reveal hundreds of razor sharp fangs…and attacked me! 

    My Bullies Mother attacked me with a fierce lunging attack of a predator!

    Next thing I knew, I was lying in the dirt growing with pain while holding my neck between my hands as blood spurted out everywhere, watching my Bullies Mother straddle my chest and hover over my dying body with her firm breasts in my face and drink my blood while I spiraled into a darkness I’ll never forget.

    My body convulsed and I couldn’t move a limb, and yet I still felt completely alive as I finally began to slowly drift off into a deep sleep while glancing at my Bullies Mother one last time who was now drenched head to toe with my blood.

    When I woke a few hours later, I felt different. I felt no pain.I felt no fear. I felt powerful. I felt alive. I felt like a fucking blood sucking vampire!

    As I was in the woods exploring my ability to turn at will and examining my full mouth of frightening fangs, my Bullies Mother looked at me with a smile and said “Now go get your revenge big boy” and winked at me as she walked away leaving me all alone in the woods with my thirst for blood rapidly growing by the second! 

    I knew what I had to do, and I quickly began in my Bullies direction!

    As soon as I was done getting my revenge, I was coming straight back to my Bullies Mother for what I had been expecting all along - Sex! And I was going to fuck her all night long with our fangs out and all!

    This is what my Bullies Mother wanted from me, right?