Turns out, my Bullies Sister is quite the Bully too...

    As soon as I allowed myself to be controlled by her demands and let her fart in my mouth, I was screwed. Not only did my Bullies Sister tell her Brother and all his friends I was aroused by farts, but she also forced me to become her fart slave through blackmail, telling me that if I didn’t agree to be her fart slave, she would show my friends and family and classmates the video of me  down on my knees begging her to fart on my tongue as well!

    My Bullies Sister was more than happy to get revenge on my Bully for me.

    During his latest Birthday party, she had been flirting with me all night long and as the party began to wind down, she mentioned she had slipped something in his drink. Soon after, my Bully passed out on the floor next to his bed. After she was certain her Brother was out cold, my Bullies Sister pushed me onto the bed on my back, dragged my pants down around my ankles and proceeded to suck my cock for me. She was going to suck me for a little while before putting a condom on my cock then fucking me on my Bullies bed. Afterwards, she wanted to discard the used condom on her Brother’s face as we went back downstairs!

    Sitting here tied to a chair with my Bullies Sister’s dirty panties stuffed in my mouth and a chastity belt locked around my cock, I was both afraid and excited. This was so much more than I had asked for when I contacted an anonymous professional dominatrix in my area to fulfill a fantasy of mine. She knew who I was. She knew about my fantasies and fetishes. She knew exactly how to push my Buttons. And she could tell my Bully about it anytime she wanted!

    I guess I should have been careful about what I wished for, right?

    Last night I was laying in bed stroking my cock while wishing my biggest fantasy around this time would finally come true...Wishing I’d wake up on Christmas morning to find my Bullies Sister laying under the tree waiting for me to come fuck her. Wishing I’d have a full 24 hours to fuck her consequence free before waking up in my bed the next morning as if none of it had ever happened.

    And apparently, my wish had actually come true!

    But I never once suspected for a moment my Mother would be the one to find her laying under the Christmas tree waiting for me. And I had never imagined my biggest wish would come with a bit of a twist that got my Mom so worked up and aroused that she shockingly decided to join me while fucking her!

    After a rough encounter with my Bully at the Halloween party, his little Sister grabbed me and swept me away from my friends and dragged me into an empty room. She smiled at me and rubbed my cock through my pants while whispering in my ear that she wanted to make it all better.

    And then she offered to suck my cock…only problem is, she was some kind of monster…and it most certainly was not just another costume! She also wasn’t taking no for an answer…..What could go wrong?