My Sister got drunk one night and let me jerk off into her dirty panties while she watched after catching me masturbating in my bedroom. It seemed like a dream come true in the beginning until she threatened me with blackmail a day later and now, I had to do whatever she said whenever she wanted without question to avoid being told on.

    What did my Sister make me do?

    Every day she made me close my eyes and picture myself looking into my Bullies eyes as his huge cock stood fully erect above my face, and think about him Bullying me as she hit my balls like this until I ended up spurting cum all over my face. If I was unable to cum within 3 hours I simply wouldn’t be allowed to touch my cock or sooth my sore balls or even cum for the rest of the night.

    I allowed it to happen the first couple of days out of fear of being told on but by the time a week had passed, I simply refused to let my Sister torture me like this ever again. I looked her in the eye and told her NO until I realized she had expected this and was fully prepared for my attempts to stop the blackmail.

    Apparently, she had secretly been recording me cumming on my own face every night and was fully prepared to send the video of me getting slapped in the balls to my Bullies. She was completely ready to show them all the video of me begging my Bullies to cum on my face (or humiliate me or whatever else my Sister told me to do say) until I gave myself a facial.

    Now I had good reason to feel defeated and give in to my Sister’s attempt at blackmailing me with little resistance. I had to accept that this was my life now. That this was the only way I would ever be allowed to cum again!

    My Mother felt bad that my Bully had thrown a baseball between my legs during practice but she was too busy fucking my Bully at the time to come take care of me, so she asked my little Sister to come home and make it better.

    My little Sister knew exactly what to do and quickly dropped to her knees so she could kiss it better!

    However while my little Sister was trying her very best to make me feel better, something very interesting happened. My cock had been throbbing for a while with a mixture of pain and pleasure and began growing erect when my little Sister kissed the tip, and when I suddenly overheard my Mother moan my Bullies name from the other room, I began to spurt thick globs of cum all over my little Sisters pretty face.

    My little Sister looked at me with cum dripping off her face, surprise and confused...yet somehow not mad at all. And I was afraid she was up to something...!