My Sister and her friends caught my Girlfriend and I in the middle of a fight and couldn’t stop giggling and laughing when my Girlfriend stormed out of the house threatening to go visit my Bully just hoping to piss me off. 

    Before I could grab my car keys and go after her, my Sister and her bitchy friends swiped them off the table first and refused to give them back to me until I stripped naked and jerked off to a quick orgasm for Sister making matters worse but suggesting I’d have to think about my Bully fucking my Girlfriend too!

    So here I was, humiliatingly jerking off in front of my Sister and her two friends, blushing as I fantasized about my Girlfriend getting plowed by that asshole from down the street just because it was the only way I’d get my car keys back in time to hopefully find my Girlfriend and stop anything from happening between her and my Bully.