She had me tied up with my hands cuffed above my head, my mouth taped shut and gagged with her dirty thong...she had kept me on the edge for over 3 hours now. And she continued to sweetly talk to me about how she wanted to hear me beg her to cheat on me with a Bully of mine. She wanted me to do it loud enough that I woke up a family member and blushed with embarrassment as they realized what I was begging for. She was acting sweet and innocent as she asked me to do it, however I knew she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

    If her Brother ever got over his heartbreak long enough to find another Girlfriend, she was considering convincing the girl to break up with him as well so she could experience another intense orgasm like this again! 

    It was a horrible thing to think about, but she was getting so fucking wet from that thought that she was going to have to slide a hand between her legs and have another orgasm!

    Every week she sent an anonymous text message to one of her Bullies instructing him to go to a specific hotel room, put on a blindfold, and wait with their cocks out so she could suck them off until cum blasted down her throat...all without her Bullies ever knowing it was her! 

    It was kinky as hell and she knew the consequences if any of them ever found out it was her, but the thrill of sucking her Bullies cocks was simply too intense and exciting for her not to do it!

    Dinner was cold and Mom was nowhere to be found!

    It was Thanksgiving and the family was starting to become quite impatient! So they sent me searching for my Mother who I eventually found in the kitchen - With her eyes closed, her legs spread wide, her wet pussy fully exposed. 

    Mom had a hand between her legs rubbing furiously as she apparently fantasized about fucking the men who Bullied me. She was so absorbed within her own fantasy that she had no idea I was standing there in shock. She just continued to masturbate while she moaned my Bullies name softly.

    I had to tap Mom on the leg in order to get her attention...

    I had absolutely no clue my little Sister fantasized about me fucking her Bully until I was accidentally woken up by her moaning in bed last night.

    I had no clue my sweet and innocent Sister wanted to see my hard dick sliding in and out of her Bullies tight wet pussy as her Bully teased and taunted her with every thrust I made. But the idea was kinda hot and I was becoming rock hard just from imagining her watching me! 

    I had to jerk off a dozen times that night just to get the thoughts out of my head long enough to get back to sleep but the moment I woke up in the morning again, I was rock hard with lots of terrible thoughts about my little Sister and my little Sister's hot bitchy Bully filling my head! 

    I wonder if my little Sister really wanted me to do it, or if it was just a fantasy she got off to from time to time when she was really horny?

    While babysitting for a friend of her Mothers, she had gotten bored and began to wonder around the house after everyone else had gone to bed and accidentally discovered a secret sex dungeon hidden behind the bookshelf in the basement.

    There was a large assortment in kinky sex toys in there including one that stood out to her. A large life-like fake cock in the bucket labeled Clone-A-Willy that included a sticker with her Bullies name on it!

    Curiosity got the best of her and she nervously reached out and grabbed the massive dildo that looked like her Bullies, and immediately an alarm went off locking her in the room until the woman paying her to babysit returned and entered the room with a big grin.

    Several minutes later the babysitter was bound to one of the tables in the dungeon being forced to cum over and over and over again as the woman paying her to babysit was on the phone with the babysitter’s Bully telling him to come over and fuck her!