When I woke up in the alley the next morning with cuts and bruises all over my body, I realized I hadn’t JUST been mugged by my Bully and his friends. I had also been forced to watch my Sister receive the best fuck of her life and the image of her face as she came on my Bullies cocks would stick with me forever! Now I lay there naked - without a cell phone or I.D. - with a massive headache and a surprisingly erect cock.

    After catching my Mother fucking my Bully, I stood there frozen unsure of what to do

    I could:

  • Listen to the angel, Be smart about this, and sneak back to my bedroom where I could safely jerk off to my fantasies without risking the consequences of my slutty Mother or my cruel Bully finding out how turned on I was by this…
  • Or I could listen to the demon, give in to my urges, and drop to my knees and crawl into the bedroom with them to show my willingness to submit while letting the two of them berate and humiliate me for being such a wimp all they wanted while fucking in front of my face!
  • My parents were neither discrete nor quiet when it came to having sex and their sexual Roleplays to keep things interesting in the bedroom only continued getting kinkier and kinkier. Days like tonight I lay in my bedroom listening (1, 2), unable to drown out the noise and dirty talk with headphones...unsure of whether or not my Mother had actually fucked him for real.

    But my annoyance in the beginning began to evaporate into arousal as I listened to them fucking and my arousal slowly became too intense to resist. Soon I was touching myself as I listened to their dirty talk and found myself actually fantasizing about my Mother sneaking out of her bed after Dad fell asleep and tip toeing over to my bedroom to shove my face in her sloppy pussy so she could force me to lick the mixture of my Dad’s and my Bullies cum out of her nasty well fucked hole! I couldn’t stop the fantasy from happening!