My Aunt was the therapist my Bully got sent to when the school finally got fed up with his behavior towards me. 

    My Aunt worked exclusively with Bullies and the school had seen the results she had on Bullies before him and figured she had the greatest chance at shaping him up! What nobody knew however was my Aunt held a terrible secret. 

    She was also a cruel dominatrix who locked her patients in chastity unlocking them once a month for a 6 hour forced orgasm session that depended entirely on their behavior. If they were good and only Bullied somebody once or twice a month, they earned the right to cum a couple of times and may even get to enjoy their orgasms. 

    If they weren't following her instructions and went back to their old behavior - the Bullies were punished with more orgasms in a night than they could handle! In most cases, 2 orgasm per each time they Bullied someone. 

    It never seemed like much to the Bullies in the beginning, and it even felt like a reward until their first forced orgasm session a month later. But those orgasms usually added up pretty quickly and lead to a very intense session that usually prevented those Bullies from ever considering that sort of behavior again once it was over!

    Today marked the 6th scheduled forced orgasm session my Aunt had set up for my Bully after taking control 12 months ago when the school sent him to her. 

    Her Nephew’s Bullies’ initial session with her had to not only be extended a few hours, but split across a 5 day period because his behavior was so deplorable. But he eventually began to learn his lesson after that day...

    His behavior was greatly improved from where it was before their sessions began but he was still not to where she expected him to be.

    So now, her Nephew's Bully was going to be forced to cum 16 times tonight and she hoped that this would be the last forced orgasm session needed to thwart the bad behavior completely! 

    Should this not work, she would have to resort to drastic measures that she had not yet experimented with due to it being deemed to extreme in nature even for a cruel sadistic woman such as herself!

    Who am I?

    I'm the girl your Son brought home last night after a few hours at the nightclub.

    What am I still doing here?

    Well, I saw the old box of kinky sex toys you've got hidden in the basement and noticed an unopened chastity belt thrown into the mix. I thought it might be fun to open it and lock it around your Son's cock while he was sleeping.

    I've got the key now and if you ever want it're going to seduce your Son's Bully and make your Son watch as his Bully fucks you all night long!Otherwise your Son will never get to have an erection or cum again.

    They were best friends for life. 

    Best friends forever. Best friends and only friends despite her knowing that he had a really big crush on her for years. Despite her knowing he would do almost anything to be more than just friends. 

    But they would always be best friends no matter what So she simply accepted it as a nice friendly gesture when her best friend confessed he had been fantasizing about orgasm denial for months now and had been experimenting with locking himself in chastity for a few weeks and wanted her to hold onto the key.

     She understood he needed a keyholder if he wanted to go through with this due to his lack of self control. She wanted to be a good friend and help him out. 

    Plus, it might be kinda fun!

    But she had no idea how quickly their relationship would change as soon as her friend handed over the only key.

    Within 6 weeks she had her best friend doing her homework, doing her chores, and even licking his own Bullies cum out of her loose sloppy pussy after she ditched her friend to spend hours getting laid, which ended in multiple creampies from his Bully.

    And through all the denial and torture and humiliation she put her best friend though, he never once asked for his chastity key back. He just kept begging her for more. More teasing, more humiliation, more creampies, more cuckolding with his Bullies, more being used...more of everything except orgasms - something he hadn't had once since she had taken control of his manhood.