Porno For Cash

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  • Part 3 of 3
  • Bonus Part 4: 2 different endings that I accidentally made for some reason

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    Zombie Apocalypse - Part 1 of 2

    She had gotten drunk at the party and accidentally flirted with her Brother's Bully instead of her Boyfriend since both of their Halloween costumes had looked so similar. Which lead to her ditching her Boyfriend so the two of them could have some rough and wild sex in an empty bedroom...

    What she didn't realize was while they were fucking, some sort of deadly virus had spread through town, bringing back the dead and infecting the living... Causing a deadly plague which was quickly turning everybody into vicious zombies while she finally discovered it was her Brother's Bully and not her Boyfriend she had been fucking! 

    By the time she had gotten over the shock of the mistaken identity - the zombies had torn through everything and anything left alive leaving her and her Brother's Bully laying in bed together - exhausted from the incredible sex they just had - unaware that they were the only two left alive...

    It took your Fiancée less than 90 seconds to finally give in to her greatest desire and ditch you at the costume party to fuck your "Bully" on Halloween night.

    Making matters worse, you finally found your Fiancée in the bathroom after following the  moans and trail of discarded clothes - just in time to catch the alien posing as your Bully to begin pumping his seed deep inside your Fiancée’s womb!