It didn’t matter how many people were at the dinner table.

    The moment her Son began crying about the things his Bully did to him earlier at school, she couldn’t stop herself from sliding a hand under her panties and touching herself. She came almost immediately and she didn’t stop touching herself until she opened her eyes to find everybody staring at her...

    He was still upset about his Girlfriend dumping him after he caught her cheating on him last night. He had a massive hangover, he was afraid of small tight spaces like this, and he was forced to lay there listening to his Mother get fucked while the bed sinking in left no pace for him to even get an erection!

    Earlier this month, my Mother accidentally told the world I had a tiny penis. She called it a little slip up that would never ever happen ever again. But less than a week later - she once again mentioned I had a tiny dick on national television.

    I tried to ignore it. I tried to brush it off as an innocent mistake despite knowing half the school - along with a dozen of my Bullies - knew how small my penis was thanks to my Mother’s constant embarrassment of me over national television. However, it was becoming harder and harder to accept that it was anything but deliberate considering the fact that this was her 6th time doing so!

    But at this point there was nothing left that I could do other than sink down in my chair blushing with humiliation as I hoped this mention of my tiny dick wouldn’t continue to hurt my attempts at getting a Girlfriend as my Mother’s slip up’s had done in the past!

    Last week she had a little slip up while on national television. While this was something many considered a massive mistake - all her Son's Bullies just happened to be watching the local weather channel around the time she said it. It was quite the coincidence...

    The humiliation had finally died down after a week of torment about my "tiny dick" and I still dreaded seeing her on TV every day since that incident took place for fear it might happen again.

    And today, my worst fear had once again come true!

    While talking about the rain, my Mother once again slipped up and commented on the size of my penis much to the amusement of her coworkers who could be heard laughing their asses off before the network cut to a quick commercial to avoid any more damage!

    She had left the Ad up online for months before someone first contacted her with interest. Finding the perfect Girlfriend for her shy Son was proving to be harder than she had expected in the beginning but after dozens of girls to choose from, she finally found the one.

    The perfect girl for her Son.

    Somebody who would love and cherish him with all her heart.

    Somebody who would hate and torment and humiliate him with all her heart.

    Somebody who she could count on to keep her virgin Son chaste forever and completely in line. Somebody who could turn her sweet and loving Son into an even bigger submissive wimp than he already was! Somebody who may never let him cum ever again!