It was hard to show how pissed off she was at her Sister between her moans. She had been caught red handed last night and as usual, her bitchy Sister was blackmailing her once again. Only this time, her Sister was making her have sex with her biggest Bully! 

    She wanted to yell at her big Sister. She wanted to scream at her for being such a bitch, but it all came out as nothing but indistinguishable moans as she began cumming all over her Bullies thick cock.

    Oh….you finally did it, huh little Brother?

    It took almost 2 years of keeping you locked in constant chastity…but I’ve finally trained you to prematurely ejaculate cum instantly at the very first thought of the man who Bullies you!

    I am going to have soooo much fun with you!

    I am going to have soooo much fun with you! My friends are going to have so much fun with you. And your Bully is even going to have quite a good time with you because of this! Enjoy embarrassingly blowing your load in your fucking pants dozens of times a day - every day - no matter where you are or who you’re with or what you’re doing...whenever you see, hear, or think about your Bully!

    I was immediately upset when I came home early and accidentally walked in on my little Sister doing....something...with a Bully of mine. However I quickly began to calm down a bit as my little Sister explained the situation to me and laid out her incredibly imaginative plan for revenge.

    Was this story of hers complete bullshit to trick me into believing she wasn’t just caught in the act of getting ready to fuck my Bully? Or was my bratty little Sister completely on my side and out for revenge? 

    Only time would tell as I slowly retreated out of the room and left the two of them all alone to go check my  pillow to see if my Sister did indeed leave the key to my Bullies chastity belt in my bedroom.

    She knew her perverted little Brother had been stealing her sex toys and licking her cum and pussy juice off them for months now. So she decided to get revenge and play a really horrible little trick on him tonight for fun.

    She had purposely left her bedroom door half open earlier today and allowed herself to be caught masturbating with a big pink dildo by her little Brother. 

    However, the moment he was out of sight she faked an orgasm, swapped out that dildo with an identical one she had convinced her Brother's Bully to shove up his asshole earlier today, and pretended to head out to go see a movie so she could secretly spy on her little Brother and watch as he jerked off in his bedroom while licking that disgusting dildo clean!

    Part of her wanted to wait until the bastard was on the edge before she barged in his bedroom and told him so she could see the look on his face as he exploded all over himself. But part of her wanted to let this remain a secret so she could continue doing it to the little creep again and again and again!

    When I had gotten arrested for fighting with my Bully, my big Sister showed up pretending to be my attorney. “Lick my pussy” she told me, “Or you’re never getting out of here!”

    I reluctantly leaned forward, placed my tongue against her warm clit, and began licking. Almost immediately I noticed the salty taste of cum dripping from her pussy and realized, my big Sister had just fucked my Bully and his friends…then come to make me lick her clean! 

    And I obediently did knowing she’d simply walk away without helping me out after I did so. But I had no other choice while I was handcuffed like this.

    And I was right!

    After I had licked her clean, my big Sister smacked me across the face, accused me of trying to seduce her, and left the room…leaving me sitting there in shock with my Bullies cum still dripping from my chin.

    Would I be forced to spend the night in jail because of all this?