She told me she’d go out to dinner with me if I ate a fart out of her ass

    So I dropped to my knees, buried my face between her cheeks, and waited patiently with my lips wrapped around her asshole for over 30 minutes before she ripped a big loud nasty one right in my face while I ate it out of her asshole!

    It was humiliating. Totally humiliating. I had never felt more humiliated, degraded, or used in my entire life but if this is what it took to have a chance at taking the girl I loved out to dinner, I was more than willing to do it.

    Afterwards, she looked down at me on my knees and laughed as she walked out the door. "I only date real men" She told me with a laugh. "Men such as your Bully instead of men willing to downright degrade themselves and taste a fart just for a chance to take me to dinner..." My crush explained.

    “I could NEVER date a wimpy fart sniffer such as yourself. I need a real man. A man with a big cock. A man who knows how to treat a woman in your bedroom. Such as your Bully...” My Crush told me. “However, if you’re willing to to let me used your face as my fart cushion out in public...I’d be more than willing to let you take along provided you never say a word and do everything I say! You can be our fart slave tonight until your Bully and I are ready to fuck!”

    Best Orgasm Ever - Part 2 of 3

    I was laying on my back being edged over and over again by my crush after confessing my deepest darkest fantasy to her!

     It had been months since my last orgasm and she seemed to be enjoying the torment as she kept my balls full and blue after what felt like hours of tease & denial!

    My crush was really enjoying herself!

    She stroked my cock faster and faster as she pushed all the right buttons... telling me to close me eyes and imagine stroking my virgin cock while watching her getting pounded by my Bully!

    Fuck it was hot! But my crush wouldn’t let me cum! She continued to keep me on the edge while telling me I needed her permission to blow my load.

    I had lost track of time a while ago and was mere moments away from breaking down into tears and begging her to let me cum when my crush FINALLY asked, "If I give you permission to cum now...will you agree to be my virgin cuckold sex slave for the night? Will you agree to watch me fuck you Bully the way you've always dreamed of?"

    “...Yes! Anything!" I blurted out in response before really thinking it through. "I'll agree to do anything you want without question if you just let me cum!" I promised. "I'll do ANYTHING. Just please let me cum! I'm begging you!!!" I screamed as my crush giggled at my desperation.

    Okay. You have my permission to cum.” My crush whispered seductively. “Cum for me! Cum to your biggest fantasy come true! Blow that load! Show me how much you want to become a virgin cuckold!” My crush said as my eyes rolled into the back of my head and cum shot out of my cock with shocking force - the intensity of my orgasm surprising myself and my crush!

    Best Orgasm Ever - Part 1 of 3

    I was laying on my back as my crush stroked my hard throbbing cock. It had been months since my last orgasm and I had stupidly just confessed my biggest fantasy to the girl I had been in love with for years! But she wouldn’t let me cum! 

    My crush had been edging me for almost an hour and now wanted to tease & deny me for who knows how long! I knew I shouldn’t have told her about my tease & denial fantasies, but this is what I get for thinking with my balls instead of my brain!

    Earlier today, my Crush and I finally got together after she told me exactly how she felt about me! We had an incredible date together - dinner and a movie - and now she was back at my house, stroking my cock after finding out I hadn't jerked off or given myself an orgasm in a long time because I was occasionally into Tease & Denial (Why did I tell her that so soon!?!?)

    But as unpredictable as the night had been, I could have NEVER seen what was coming next!

    When I finally mustered up enough courage to finally ask my crush out during class today, she stared at me for several minutes before she laughed in my face. After several awkward minutes my crush told me she would consider it!

    But, only if I sucked my Bullies cock tomorrow after Gym class in the locker room showers.

    I wanted to scream NO! I wanted to tell my crush that there was no way in hell I would EVER suck my Bullies cock, but the way she smiled back at me made it impossible to do so. With a stutter, I managed to tell my crush I’d do it.

    And the follow day I found myself on my knees gagging on my Bullies big cock!

    When my bully found out i was working as a delivery man for ups, he decided it'd be hilarious to grab a bunch of old, forgotten, and humiliating photos of me and my tiny cock, wrap them up, and personally have me unknowingly hand deliver them to my crush...

    Needless to say, she finally stopped waiting for me to ask her out and began openly fucking my Bully after she saw the photos