But it was all fake!

    My Daughter had talked me into confessing my biggest fantasy last weekend and promised to make it all come true, as long as I was the one to come up with a plan that would allow it to happen without my Bully finding out it was all my idea to begin with! And my Daughter and I believe it worked!

    It had been nearly 6 months now and to date, he still hadn't guessed right. Guess he should have learned to stand up for himself a long time ago so he didn't have so many Bullies to choose from! 

    24 of his Bullies down, and still 3 or 4 dozen of them left for her to fuck!

    My Bullies had me tied to a chair, gagged with their dirty socks and underwear as they used my Daughter's holes one at a time. They wouldn't stop until the entire group had cum in her pussy one load at a time. 

    I could tell she was loving it, but my Daughter tried her best to act upset because she didn't want me to know how much she loved getting passed around, used, and fucked by the men who Bullied me right before my eyes!

    She was more than just the bratty little Sister in the family. She had been messing with both of her Brother's in their sleep for months! 

    Jerking them off to multiple orgasms to prevent them from getting aroused enough to get erect during the day, putting on headphones while they slept to send subliminal messages looking to make them more submissive, and even feeding them cum in their sleep as they slept blissfully in their beds without a clue. 

    She was almost done with her Brother's however and soon she would turn to her Father as her next victim. And if you thought the things she had done to her Brother's were bad just wait until you see what she had planned for her Father! After all, her Brother's had merely been practice for her!

    My Bully seduced my Daughter earlier today but refused to let her fuck him after he got her so worked up she was ready to pounce. After that, all it took was a few words of encouragement to convince my Daughter to take pictures of my tiny cock and start sharing them with everyone she knew just to humiliate me.

     After weeks of humiliating me about my tiny dick and destroying my confidence and social life, my Bully finally made good on his promise and entered my Daughter's tight soaking wet pussy: