My Wife and I were virgins, saving ourselves for the honeymoon when our plans got ruined after I found out the sleazy man who loaned me money had gotten the cash from a Bully of mine who would only accept sex with me newlywed Wife as soon as possible as payment for the money he had given me for the honeymoon!

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    My Daughter knew I was in trouble...

    She knew my Bully was demanding I pay him back for all the money I had lost at his casino and that there would be some very bad consequences for me if I didn't pay my Bully the money, which we all knew I didn't have. She knew things had been going downhill for me over the past couple of months and being unable to pay my Bully back might be the final nail in my coffin. So she took matters into her own hands and agreed to have sex with my Bully!

    Just one little fuck in exchange for waiving my debt.

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    But that wasn’t how it happened...

    As soon as my Bully dropped his pants, my Daughter was impressed. She was face to face with my Bullies massive black cock - The cock of a pornstar! At least 8 or 9 inches. Thick, heavy, veiny, with big hairy balls! And bigger than anything she had seen before outside of the pornos she secretly masturbated to!

    My Daughter knew right then and there that this wasn’t going to be quick.

    She glanced over in my directly and began to whisper,“I’m sorry” as my Bully grabbed her by the head and shoved his cock down her throat, making her gag the final letters of her apology to me! She knelt at my Bullies feet and sucked his cock for over 35 minutes as I reluctantly sat in an uncomfortable chair in the corner of the room watching and wishing I had more self control when it came to gambling. Had I just quit and accepted my winnings 30 minutes earlier...this wouldn’t be happening right now!

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    Several months later...

    My Daughter - Now pregnant with my Bullies baby after my bad night at the casino was on her knees happily servicing the big black cocks of ALL my Bullies!

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    Hey babe, I might have just accidentally gambled most of your money away and told the manager that I'd pay off the debt with a night in bed with him for every $100 I lost to avoid causing any more trouble and getting us kicked out of the casino today with no money in our pockets and no place to stay tonight...

    The manager happened to be VERY nice and was pretty eager to agree to the terms of our arrangement, especially when he found out I was engaged to you!

    Apparently you two used to know each other back in high school or something? He said you two didn't get along very well because you thought he was a Bully or something like that. And I guess you got into a lot of trouble one day towards the end of senior year after getting into a fight over the fact that he stole your high school sweetheart away from you, or something like that?

    Anyway, he was more than happy to let me pay off the $10,000 I lost with sex.

    We'll have to put off the wedding for a couple of months until I can pay him and the casino back fully but the manager said he'd be happy to waive off an extra $50 a night if you were willing to suck his hot thick sticky cum out of my loose sloppy pussy and lick me clean after we're all finished...Plus he told me he’d knock off another $1 every time you tell him how much bigger his cock is!!!

    Anyway, I really hope you aren’t mad at me, I promise watching us fuck won’t be as bad as you think but he and I probably better get started right away. You wanna show the manager what room you and I are staying in?


    My Mother always wanted big tits while growing up. She had always been a bit unsatisfied with her medium sized boobs, especially now that she had gotten older and they had become quite saggy and unsatisfying to my Father in the bedroom. A few months ago my Mother began looking into getting a boobjob but nobody in the family could afford to pay the price for my Mothers new fake tits, the big perky boobies she wanted right now...

    ...Until my Bully found out what my Mother wanted that is...

    When my Bully found out my Mother couldn’t afford to pay for a pair of huge sexy fake titties, he excitedly offered to pay for them in full. Provided my Mother did something for him of course.

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