She had me tied up with my hands cuffed above my head, my mouth taped shut and gagged with her dirty thong...she had kept me on the edge for over 3 hours now. And she continued to sweetly talk to me about how she wanted to hear me beg her to cheat on me with a Bully of mine. She wanted me to do it loud enough that I woke up a family member and blushed with embarrassment as they realized what I was begging for. She was acting sweet and innocent as she asked me to do it, however I knew she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

    She told me we were only Roleplaying. That everything I was listening to as I lay there blindfolded while stroking my cock. But that was simply not true at all! 

    She assured me nothing was happening for real while I lay there there blushing as I struggled to remain on the edge and held back my orgasm. 

    She promised nobody else was in the bedroom as her moans grew more intense and I continued to hold the edge as I tried to figure out which one of my Bullies she was fantasizing about.

    But it was all a big fat lie!

    I had listened to her moan and scream my Bullies name until she finally had an intense orgasm and allowed me to have an orgasm of my own and made me lick her pussy and the "dildo" clean. And not once did I suspect a thing.

    The whole thing had been a big fat lie and I had been oblivious to it all. I had stupidly laid there as she fucked a Bully of mine for real and it wasn't until months later when she broke my heart and dumped me that I learned the horrifying truth. That my Bully had fucked her in front of me and I had embarrassingly licked him clean and thanked him when it was all finished. 

    I felt so fucking stupid for not realizing what was happening at the time and was growing increasingly worried about running into whoever it had been in the bedroom that day. 

    But now that she and I were no longer a couple, I had absolutely no way of knowing which Bully of mine had done this to me and I could no longer look any of them in the eye...

    Public Masturbation was her favorite activity

    Public Masturbation was her favorite thing to do! She loved how risky it was. She was exhilarated by the thrill of being so exposed in a public setting. She got off on the risk of getting caught and her orgasms were simply breathtaking when she knew somebody could catch her at any moment!

    But lately, she had been indulging in her public masturbation fantasies far too often. The thrill wasn’t there anymore. Knowing she could get caught at any moment was no longer the adrenaline rush it used to be. Her orgasm had begun dull, repetitive and unsatisfying instead of the quivering surge of electrifying and pulsing orgasms she had previously experienced. So she decided to amp up the risk factor once again!

    She decided that the only way to get her heart pounding as she slowly and teasingly worked her way towards a much needed orgasm was to try something riskier. To masturbate publicly near the house of somebody she knew! To pick somebody she knew then masturbate and slowly tease her wet cunt to the brink of an orgasm in their back yard as she waited until she was certain they were home to have a loud orgasm!

    Every day now...she’d sneak over to her Brother’s Bullies’ house and masturbate on the back patio. She would through on a bikini they lay out by the pool and touch herself until she was dripping wet. Then she’d pull her bikini bottoms off and toss them a few feet away so she could slip a hand between her legs and toy with her aching clit as she remained at the brink of an orgasm for as long as she could handle until her Brother’s Bully came home, cutting it closer and closer each and every time she had an orgasm!

    The risk of getting caught by such a man intensified her orgasms immensely. Her legs shook violently, her toes curled up, and her hips rose up into the air as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she bit her lip to avoid moaning so loud that the neighbors could hear!

    Each orgasm she had was more intense than the last!

    Despite masturbating in public multiple times a week, she didn’t want anyone to know she was out there. She didn’t want to be seen. She didn’t actually want to be caught. And she certainly didn’t want her Brother’s Bully to learn she had been fingering herself in his back yard for kicks. Hell, she didn’t even find her Brother’s all that attractive or arousing enough to fantasize about at all. She had simply chosen her Brother’s Bully because she believed getting caught by him of all people would be worst of all. That’s why the risk made those orgasms she was having out here so damn satisfying!

    She was simply an adrenaline junkie who had grown bored of public masturbation in a stale environment and the risk of getting caught by strangers, and was looking for an even bigger rush by masturbating in the back yard of the disgusting pig of a man who Bullied her Brother!

    Every time she came out here, she cut it closer to getting caught. She’d edge herself repeatedly after her Brother’s Bully finally came home only to finally allow herself the orgasm she craved only when her Brother’s Bully could be seen through a window!

    She never wanted to get caught. But she knew how risky it was to be out here masturbating like this and she knew she’d get caught by him eventually...

    All she wanted was an incredible orgasm!

    And she got a hell of a lot more then she bargained for when she wound up moaning a little bit too loudly as she got close to an orgasm and accidentally got herself caught by the man who Bullied her Brother!


    Best Orgasm Ever - Part 2 of 3

    I was laying on my back being edged over and over again by my crush after confessing my deepest darkest fantasy to her!

     It had been months since my last orgasm and she seemed to be enjoying the torment as she kept my balls full and blue after what felt like hours of tease & denial!

    My crush was really enjoying herself!

    She stroked my cock faster and faster as she pushed all the right buttons... telling me to close me eyes and imagine stroking my virgin cock while watching her getting pounded by my Bully!

    Fuck it was hot! But my crush wouldn’t let me cum! She continued to keep me on the edge while telling me I needed her permission to blow my load.

    I had lost track of time a while ago and was mere moments away from breaking down into tears and begging her to let me cum when my crush FINALLY asked, "If I give you permission to cum now...will you agree to be my virgin cuckold sex slave for the night? Will you agree to watch me fuck you Bully the way you've always dreamed of?"

    “...Yes! Anything!" I blurted out in response before really thinking it through. "I'll agree to do anything you want without question if you just let me cum!" I promised. "I'll do ANYTHING. Just please let me cum! I'm begging you!!!" I screamed as my crush giggled at my desperation.

    Okay. You have my permission to cum.” My crush whispered seductively. “Cum for me! Cum to your biggest fantasy come true! Blow that load! Show me how much you want to become a virgin cuckold!” My crush said as my eyes rolled into the back of my head and cum shot out of my cock with shocking force - the intensity of my orgasm surprising myself and my crush!

    Best Orgasm Ever - Part 1 of 3

    I was laying on my back as my crush stroked my hard throbbing cock. It had been months since my last orgasm and I had stupidly just confessed my biggest fantasy to the girl I had been in love with for years! But she wouldn’t let me cum! 

    My crush had been edging me for almost an hour and now wanted to tease & deny me for who knows how long! I knew I shouldn’t have told her about my tease & denial fantasies, but this is what I get for thinking with my balls instead of my brain!

    Because I Love You - Part 4

    For my one year anniversary, my loving Girlfriend agreed to fulfill a single fantasy of mine tonight. My biggest fantasy of all no matter what it was, no questions asked. All I had to do was tell her!

    My Girlfriend was quite surprised when I confessed my biggest fantasy to her. She was expecting something a little more normal. Something most guys would be into such as a threesome with another woman or me asking her to dress up in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, or something like that. But she was taken by surprise when I confessed to her what my biggest fantasy really was!

    Still, she agreed to do it for me because she loved me!

    Now I was going to show up at the party walking hand in hand with my sweet and loving Girlfriend, and watch as she turned her back on me. I was going to have my heart broken as I listened to her cruelly break up with me in front of dozens of people and even though it was all part of the fantasy, I knew it was going to bring me to tears to hear the words coming out of my Girlfriends mouth. And I knew it was going to be even more humiliating to hear her talking out loud about the size of my cock which I’ve been self conscious of for years.

    But it was all part of the fantasy!

    By the time my Girlfriend left me devastated and all alone, I’d be running through such a strange mixture of emotions in my head that I wouldn’t know what to think! My girlfriend of an entire year and the love of my life would have just broken up with me in favor of openly fucking another man - A man who Bullied me!

    But the biggest humiliation of this fantasy was yet to come!

    After she had fucked them, my Girlfriend was going to return to the party visibly used and messy after the sex, and I was going to beg her to take me back. Dozens of people surrounding us would have seen her heading upstairs with a couple of my Bullies and heard her getting nailed before overhearing me begging her to take me back! It was all extremely humiliating, especially now that dozens of people I knew would soon overhear me begging and promising I’d lick her sloppy cum filled pussy clean if she would take me back!

    I was so excited when my Girlfriend agreed to fulfill this fantasy. And it was obvious by how fucking hard my cock was. My Girlfriend immediately pointed out how she had never seen me so hard in my life and suggested it might be best of us to have a quickie before we left.

    So my Girlfriend straddled my waist and prepared to mount my cock when all of a sudden.....I exploded! No more than 12 seconds after my Girlfriend had begun lowering herself onto my cock and just before I could enter her pussy. I came all over the place as my horny Girlfriend let out a little sigh of frustration.

    “When I told you I wanted a quickie, I didn’t mean for you to cum THAT QUICKLY” She told me. “When I said a quickie, I expected you to last AT LEAST 5 minutes - Not 12 seconds!” My Girlfriend said with a laugh.

    However, she quickly reassured me everything was okay when I started to blush, telling me it was the PERFECT way to start off the night of fulfilling my biggest fantasy since she could now be a little more truthful when breaking up with me because I couldn’t satisfy her...Which of course made me blush again!

    Just before leaving, my Girlfriend instructed me to jerk off to the edge while fantasizing about out last fuck ever before the break up - Hoping to get me all worked up before we left for the party!

    So I watched the love of my life walk out the door to begin getting ready as I closed my eyes, pretended she had just left me forever, and tried to imagine the last sex we would ever have.

    I allowed myself to be consumed by this fantasy as I started stroking my cock. And I find myself on the edge quickly despite my 12 second premature orgasm just a few minutes ago, so I held it. I help the edge as long as I could as I pictured my “Ex” cumming on my cock for the last time ever.

    Then, I let go.I removed my hand from my cock and put on some clothes. I stuffed my throbbing erection back into my pans despite the fact that I knew the precum oozing out would create a precum stain, and I went to go find my Girlfriend.

    My little Sister smiled as I struggled not to cum. She knew I wouldn’t even last 15 seconds longer.

    I had barely even been erect for 60 seconds already and it was so embarrassing to be struggling this much to hold my cum back this soon when all my little Sister did was twist her wrist a little while squeezing my cock and teasing me about what Mom was up to at my Bullies house. 

    My little Sister seemed to love the control she had over me when my Mother was out with my Bully…And just 73 seconds after touching my cock, my bratty little Sister had me on the edge and ready to explode.

    Your sweet lovable little Sister was a sucker for strong dominant men.

    She was the nicest person in the world when your parents were around, and when she was left alone with you. However..While you were in your bedroom getting your ass kicked by some asshole jock who always Bullied you... your little Sister tiptoed down the hallway, stripped out of her tank top and skinny jeans, and stood just outside your doorway naked. Your little Sister stood there completely naked with her back against the wall and a hand between her thighs, rubbing her clit and fingering herself while pussy juice dripped down her legs and thighs as she thought of him fucking her. 

    Your little Sister was soaking wet throughout the whole ordeal. The moment she caught a glimpse of your Bully physically dominating you, her true nature kicked in and her pussy got wet for your Bully. The moment she heard him abusing and humiliating you, she couldn’t resist rubbing her wet pussy. And soon your little Sister was standing outside your doorway silently teasing her clit as she listened to you getting beat up and made fun of, teetering on the edge of an orgasm while she struggled to hold back for the big finish!

    Your little Sister moaned as she began to fantasize about your Bully. She thought about him smacking you in the face and rushing over to the doorway where she stood after giving you a black eye. She fantasized about him grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the floor to suck his cock before making her ride his cock as he told your little Sister what he did to you while she moaned your Bullies name louder.

    Your Sister rubbed her pussy harder when she thought about your Bully bending her over and fucking her from behind even rougher than he had been while beating your ass. And soon, she even fantasized about getting creampied and teeking his seed deep inside her womb...risking pregnancy for no reason at all except that she felt this prick deserved the satisfaction of cumming in her pussy!

    As her orgasm approached, nothing else mattered anymore. Your little Sister closed her eyes and moaned loudly in hopes of getting caught by your Bully!

    When my Mother accidentally barged in on me laying naked on my bed in a pair of my Sister's pink panties...jerking off to a photo I found online of my Bully with my crush, she started cracking up! My Mother thought it was hilarious!

    Soon my Mother was standing there encouraging me to stroke my cock to my Bully, commenting on how good her looked and how big his cock must have been as I edged and edged and edged, awaiting her permission to cum all over myself for my cruel Bully!

    The  question is, what was my Mother going to make me do before allowing me to cum:

  • Call my Bully & thank him for everything he does to me?
  • Give my crush a call & set her up on a date with my Bully?
  • Let my Mother call my Bully over for a good time?
  • Call up my Bully for one final beating while still erect?
  • Or something else entirely...?