This Father’s Day would be a special one for sure!

    I knew my Dad thought the girl who Bullied me was hot. And I HATED it! He was always talking about how pretty she was and making little comments here and there about how she was completely out of my league. I HATED every second of it. But I had to admit I found her hot as well. She was simply too much of a bitch for me to handle and my Father talked about her all the time!

    However, I decided to make Father's Day special this year by letting my Dad fuck her! Maybe it would finally get him to shut up about her. Or maybe it was a massive mistake. Either way, I spent some time planning things out then worked up the courage to go ask my Bully if she would fuck my Dad for Father’s Day...

    I wasn't sure what was worse:

  • Approaching my Bully as she was giggling and teasing me
  • Blushing while I stuttered and Asked my Bully to fuck my Dad
  • Reluctantly agreeing to watch my Dad fuck my Bully so she’d say yes
  • Or actually watching as my Dad fucked her in ways I couldn’t handle
  • I was filled with mixed emotions as I sat there reluctantly watching my Dad pound my Bully like a slut as I tried using a pillow to cover up the fact that my little boner made it obvious my dick was smaller than his.

    It was humiliating watching them fuck. It was embarrassing to see my Dad speed up whenever my Bully told him stories of the things she had done to me. It lasted all night long and by the time the two of them collapsed on the bed exhausted, sweaty, and whispering among themselves while laughing and pointing in my direction...I knew I would regret my decision to give my Dad what he really wanted rather than just shelling out $50 for some shitty gift he would forget about a few weeks from now.

    And just when I thought this Father’s Day couldn’t get any worse - my Bully spread her legs, giggled, and commanded me to lick her clean! 

    ...Almost as if she knew all along I wouldn’t be able to say no!

    I came home late one afternoon to find my Ex’s car speeding out of my driveway. Curious about what she had been doing here, I rush into the house to find my Girlfriend in the kitchen bent over the counter with my Dads cock buried balls deep inside her pussy!

    I was immediately filled with a wide range of emotions including: rage,  embarrassment, bewilderment, and surprisingly....also a little bit of arousal.

    Apparently my Ex was still bitter about our instantly turbulent and highly emotional breakup and had come to ruin my life by encouraging my Girlfriend to cheat on me for a little bit of payback. 

    Chances are my Ex would never know just how well things had gone considering 35 minutes later - I found myself on my knees, with cum all over my sticky fingers after cumming in my hand while watching, licking my Girlfriends pussy clean and swallowing big globs of my Fathers disgusting cum after he left the two of us alone, laughing at me and taunting me as he walked out of the room.

    Obviously, my relationship with all of them was about to change...


    my parents agreed that the only way to stop their boy from getting picked on was to allow their son’s bully to take his aggression out on her pussy instead of their son.

    My dad opted to stay in the room and watch to make sure that my bully treated mommy right.  Dad didn’t wanna admit it, but he loved watching her get fucked by the young, big-dicked, jerk.


    Me on the other hand? I stood up against the door which had been slammed in my face and locked. I could hear my Bully pounded Mommy on the other side of the door and was shocked when I heard Dad reluctantly tell my Bully to fuck Mommy harder in such a way that I could tell he was attempting to mask his true feeling for the situation I had gotten us all in.

    Mommy’s moans were beginning to make me become erect and although I didn’t want to admit it, I was beginning to enjoy hearing Mommy get fucked by that arrogant big dicked jerk who Bullied me on a daily basis.

    But I couldn’t allow myself to succumb to my arousal for fear of what he might do if I happened to end up getting caught jerking off to this.

    I was just about to turn away and run to my bedroom when I heard my Bully call out my name and command, “Get your ass in here right now!”

    My Mother and Father demand I enter the room too! And I knew that if I listened to them, and I knew I had no other choice...they’d certainly notice my raging hard on I was sporting in the bulge of my pants!

    What the fuck was I going to do?