It didn’t matter how many people were at the dinner table.

    The moment her Son began crying about the things his Bully did to him earlier at school, she couldn’t stop herself from sliding a hand under her panties and touching herself. She came almost immediately and she didn’t stop touching herself until she opened her eyes to find everybody staring at her...

    She could never tell her Fiancé about what she had done. She could never allow him to find out the reason behind her sudden lack on interest in him sexually. She just continued to spit out the same excuses over and over again about “Having a headache today”, “Being mad at him for something he did”, “Feeling too tired tonight”, or her personal favorite...“Just made the bed”

    She felt terrible for lying to her Fiancé like this whenever she was horny but she continued to do so every single day without hesitation as she spent more and more time masturbating and cumming to the porn blog  her Fiancé‘s Bully ran that she had apparently become addicted to!

    If her Brother ever got over his heartbreak long enough to find another Girlfriend, she was considering convincing the girl to break up with him as well so she could experience another intense orgasm like this again! 

    It was a horrible thing to think about, but she was getting so fucking wet from that thought that she was going to have to slide a hand between her legs and have another orgasm!

    I had absolutely no clue my little Sister fantasized about me fucking her Bully until I was accidentally woken up by her moaning in bed last night.

    I had no clue my sweet and innocent Sister wanted to see my hard dick sliding in and out of her Bullies tight wet pussy as her Bully teased and taunted her with every thrust I made. But the idea was kinda hot and I was becoming rock hard just from imagining her watching me! 

    I had to jerk off a dozen times that night just to get the thoughts out of my head long enough to get back to sleep but the moment I woke up in the morning again, I was rock hard with lots of terrible thoughts about my little Sister and my little Sister's hot bitchy Bully filling my head! 

    I wonder if my little Sister really wanted me to do it, or if it was just a fantasy she got off to from time to time when she was really horny?