The were best friends for years until a silly fight turned ugly and tore their friendship apart a couple of weeks ago. 

    Since then the two of them had been fighting constantly and doing horrible things behind each others back our of spite as things got more and more ugly and spiraled beyond repair - leading up to the situation the girls found themselves in tonight where the girls somehow ended up in bed together, naked and angry as hell while trying to piss one another off by fucking the others bully.

    Neither girl wanted to admit it, but both of them were rapidly beginning to enjoy themselves and would soon be fighting off the urge to have an orgasm while staring deeply into each others eyes!

    It didn’t matter how many people were at the dinner table.

    The moment her Son began crying about the things his Bully did to him earlier at school, she couldn’t stop herself from sliding a hand under her panties and touching herself. She came almost immediately and she didn’t stop touching herself until she opened her eyes to find everybody staring at her...

    Mutual masturbation with my Sister had gone a little too far.

    She and I were both masturbating separately in our bedroom a few hours after our parents went to bed until we begun overhearing each other moan. It was obvious we were listening to each other masturbate  and neither of us wanted to be the first to cum. So we lay there by the wall listening and edging as we both inched closer to an orgasm and moaned louder and louder for one another!

    This went on for a little while until my Sister decided it was time to stop dancing around what we really wanted and decided to text me about what she and I were doing. And after an unusual exchange of texts, we finally agreed to just have her sneak over to my bedroom and masturbate on my bed together - under the conduction that we just watch and not touch of course.

    Things were awkward in the beginning but started to go more smoothly once we begun to get comfortable touching ourselves in front of each other. And it was incredible looking my sibling in the eye and holding the edge as she whispered my name while touching herself a foot away from me!

    But things spiraled out of hand pretty quickly once my Sister begun to question what I was thinking about and in less than an hour after we had begun, things had gone a little too far!

    I soon found myself cuddling with my naked Sister, whispering in her ear and encouraging her to think about the man who Bullied me as I rubbed her soaking wet pussy. She seemed a bit hesitant to do so in the beginning because it seemed so wrong - but I could tell the thought was getting her wetter by the second!

    I knew she was going to cum HARD for my Bully!

    After her orgasm, my Sister confessed it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced and was a little embarrassed to admit it, but she wanted to do this again every night as well as telling me she was considering fucking my Bully for real one night if our parents ever left us home along - although she told me she wanted me to watch

    Whenever her Bully - The hot and bitchy head Cheerleader - teased Katie about the fact that she had slept with Katie’s Ex, Katie creamed her panties on the spot…She simply couldn’t help herself.

    Knowing her Bully was the best fuck her Ex ever had was certainly humiliating, but it also drove her wild with jealously and arousal. And she’d always go from 0 to 60  within a split second and experience a screaming orgasm and cum inside her panties instantly without even touching! She’d squirt in her panties then stand there speechless and blushing as her Bully lifted an eyebrow and stared at her, confused about what just happened.

    She was trapped.

    She had snuck into the mens bathroom 30 minutes ago looking to avoid the group of Bullying heading her way. But she had gotten trapped inside one of the empty stalls after the girl who Bullied her started making out with somebody...

    15 minutes later the two of them had begun having sex and she was horrified to find herself getting wet.

    Before she knew it, she was rubbing her pussy and getting off on listening to her Bully get laid!

    This was actually hot as hell.

    But she had to control herself.

    She had to control her increasingly loud moans or else she'd end up getting caught!

    Oh shit!

    She just got caught!

    The moment she hit the edge of an orgasm she accidentally moaned a little bit too loud. They both heard her and her Bully was opening the door to the stall as she continued to rub her pussy!

    She couldn’t cover herself up. She was to close to an orgasm to stop now. She was fully exposed and unable to prevent the inevitable. What was she going to do?


    Mommy is my #1 follower


    All this cuckolding and Bully stuff was making her wetter than she had ever been. The moment she clicked follow, she had been introduced to another world. One where she couldn’t stop cumming to thoughts of cuckolding her Son with the men who Bullied him!

    When she left the ad up on craigslist advertising herself as free use tonight, she never expected the one and only man to take her up on her offer was one of her biggest Bullies.

    But as he slid her fat cock into her..she knew there was no turning back. She was gagged, she was blindfolded, and she was handcuffed in place. All she could do now was let him use her until she squirted on his cock and balls, then spend the rest of her life wondering WHICH of her Bullies it was!

    Lizzy knew how wrong it was to masturbate over the phone to her Brother's Bullies stories...but she couldn't help herself. The risk of getting caught by her Brother was a HUGE turn on, as was the risk of his Bully on the other end noticing Lizzy 's moans and catching on to what was really going on...

    But she doubted that would ever happen. That’s why Lizzy was out in the open counting on her Brothers Bully to unknowingly finish off her orgasm before anybody caught on to what she was doing...

    What she didn’t count on was her Brother coming home a little bit early and walking in on her mid orgasm, moaning in his Bullies ear over the phone as his Bully loudly provided her with details of her Brothers Humiliation!

    Immediately, Lizzy’s Brother AND his Bully both realized what she was doing!