She told me we were only Roleplaying. That everything I was listening to as I lay there blindfolded while stroking my cock. But that was simply not true at all! 

    She assured me nothing was happening for real while I lay there there blushing as I struggled to remain on the edge and held back my orgasm. 

    She promised nobody else was in the bedroom as her moans grew more intense and I continued to hold the edge as I tried to figure out which one of my Bullies she was fantasizing about.

    But it was all a big fat lie!

    I had listened to her moan and scream my Bullies name until she finally had an intense orgasm and allowed me to have an orgasm of my own and made me lick her pussy and the "dildo" clean. And not once did I suspect a thing.

    The whole thing had been a big fat lie and I had been oblivious to it all. I had stupidly laid there as she fucked a Bully of mine for real and it wasn't until months later when she broke my heart and dumped me that I learned the horrifying truth. That my Bully had fucked her in front of me and I had embarrassingly licked him clean and thanked him when it was all finished. 

    I felt so fucking stupid for not realizing what was happening at the time and was growing increasingly worried about running into whoever it had been in the bedroom that day. 

    But now that she and I were no longer a couple, I had absolutely no way of knowing which Bully of mine had done this to me and I could no longer look any of them in the eye...

    While vacationing at a resort in some tropical paradise during spring break, I accidentally lost the keys to a chastity belt I had worn and locked around my cock after discovering it hidden in my basement.

    A pretty girl nearby noticed the panic in my eyes and struck up a long conversation with me to help calm me down and offered to help and with some resistance, I embarrassingly confessed what the keys were for. 

    She agreed to help me look for them until the keys were found, however only after I got down on my knees and sucked the cock of my biggest Bully until he came all over my face in front of her and a large group of her friends.