This was a total nightmare!

    I had accidentally fallen asleep at my desk at work and somehow found myself dreaming bout being at the mercy of a hot co-worker who had recently been promoted and completely despised me.

    I dreampt I was at her mercy. Naked, on my knees, hands cuffed behind my back...being blackmailed into sucking my Bullies cock through a gloryhole and swallowing his seed in front of everybody to avoid getting fired.

    Making matters worse, I realized I had been sleeptalking the entire time when I finally snored myself away to find my co-workers staring at me, most of them giggling.

    Halloween Wishes

    The manipulative Genie that appeared on the screen without warning with a poof of red smoke was willing to grant you 3 wishes of your choice. For a price.

    She claimed that she could give you almost anything in the world as long as she wished it, but her offerings came at a price:

  • After granting you your first wish, the Genie claimed that you must watch your Bully fuck a girl you love. No exceptions to this rule!
  • After granting you your second wish, he Genie claimed that you must kneel before your Bully and suck his balls dry. Again, no exceptions!
  • And after granting you your third and final wish, the Genie  claims that she will do something that’ll change your life forever. But she refuses to tell you what that may be until after you’ve made your third  and final wish!
  • The Genie is here and she’s not taking no for an answer. She’s given you no more than 10 minutes to make your wishes this Halloween night.

    What is your wish?

    My Bullies Girlfriend was a HUGE bitch, which came as no surprise to me at all considering the arrogant jackass she was currently dating...but as my Bully grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the room in front of her and my own Girlfriend to beat me up as usual, my Bullies Girlfriend looked at my own Girlfriend with a smirk. And made this gesture...