My Aunt was the therapist my Bully got sent to when the school finally got fed up with his behavior towards me. 

    My Aunt worked exclusively with Bullies and the school had seen the results she had on Bullies before him and figured she had the greatest chance at shaping him up! What nobody knew however was my Aunt held a terrible secret. 

    She was also a cruel dominatrix who locked her patients in chastity unlocking them once a month for a 6 hour forced orgasm session that depended entirely on their behavior. If they were good and only Bullied somebody once or twice a month, they earned the right to cum a couple of times and may even get to enjoy their orgasms. 

    If they weren't following her instructions and went back to their old behavior - the Bullies were punished with more orgasms in a night than they could handle! In most cases, 2 orgasm per each time they Bullied someone. 

    It never seemed like much to the Bullies in the beginning, and it even felt like a reward until their first forced orgasm session a month later. But those orgasms usually added up pretty quickly and lead to a very intense session that usually prevented those Bullies from ever considering that sort of behavior again once it was over!

    Today marked the 6th scheduled forced orgasm session my Aunt had set up for my Bully after taking control 12 months ago when the school sent him to her. 

    Her Nephew’s Bullies’ initial session with her had to not only be extended a few hours, but split across a 5 day period because his behavior was so deplorable. But he eventually began to learn his lesson after that day...

    His behavior was greatly improved from where it was before their sessions began but he was still not to where she expected him to be.

    So now, her Nephew's Bully was going to be forced to cum 16 times tonight and she hoped that this would be the last forced orgasm session needed to thwart the bad behavior completely! 

    Should this not work, she would have to resort to drastic measures that she had not yet experimented with due to it being deemed to extreme in nature even for a cruel sadistic woman such as herself!

    Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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    My Sister got drunk one night and let me jerk off into her dirty panties while she watched after catching me masturbating in my bedroom. It seemed like a dream come true in the beginning until she threatened me with blackmail a day later and now, I had to do whatever she said whenever she wanted without question to avoid being told on.

    What did my Sister make me do?

    Every day she made me close my eyes and picture myself looking into my Bullies eyes as his huge cock stood fully erect above my face, and think about him Bullying me as she hit my balls like this until I ended up spurting cum all over my face. If I was unable to cum within 3 hours I simply wouldn’t be allowed to touch my cock or sooth my sore balls or even cum for the rest of the night.

    I allowed it to happen the first couple of days out of fear of being told on but by the time a week had passed, I simply refused to let my Sister torture me like this ever again. I looked her in the eye and told her NO until I realized she had expected this and was fully prepared for my attempts to stop the blackmail.

    Apparently, she had secretly been recording me cumming on my own face every night and was fully prepared to send the video of me getting slapped in the balls to my Bullies. She was completely ready to show them all the video of me begging my Bullies to cum on my face (or humiliate me or whatever else my Sister told me to do say) until I gave myself a facial.

    Now I had good reason to feel defeated and give in to my Sister’s attempt at blackmailing me with little resistance. I had to accept that this was my life now. That this was the only way I would ever be allowed to cum again!

    Besides the embarrassment and humiliation it brought to me, the constant cumming while being bullied had another unforeseen side effect. The more my Cousin forced me to cum in my pants while being bullied by that asshole, the more she inadvertently trained me to become aroused by it.

    Soon I was completely unable to achieve an orgasm at all until my Bully was around torturing me.

    Slowly but surely I lost my ability to achieve an erection too, even around the most beautiful girls in town! My subconscious simply prevented it from happening unless those girls around me were staring and laughing at me while they me get beat up or humiliated by my Bully. 

    It was embarrassing to pop an erection when my Bully showed up and began taunting me about what a wimp I was. But when my Bully took notice of my premature orgasms and embarrassingly cumming in my pants soon after, his Bullying only intensified ten fold! I quickly became my Bullies bitch soon after.

    In the end, my Cousin had inadvertently turned me into my Bullies prematurely ejaculating bitch without even realizing it, all because she thought it’d be funny to embarrass me a couple of times!

    On Father’s Day, I was woken up in the middle of an orgasm and opened my eyes to see my Daughter jerking my cock with her hand, giggling as I came!

    It was like a dream, experiencing something I had fantasized about for years and after the experience my Daughter and I had with my Bully the day before, it was just what I needed.

    However she didn’t stop there!

    My Daughter kept jerking me off, forcing me to cum again and again until I was squirming on the bed whimpering like a little girl every time I felt my Daughters hand slide over my ultra sensitive cock head. I begged her to stop, but she wouldn’t. My Daughter just continued to milk my balls dry and laughing harder the more I begged.

    After I had been milked dry, my Daughter leaned in and began sucking my cock! And that’s when I saw my Bully standing behind her filming the whole thing.

    It was humiliating enough to be bullied by two girls so easily, but what made matters worse was that they were over at the house multiple times a week to hang out with my Sister and would bully me there. Then one day my Mother saw what they were doing.

    I thought that my Mother would come say something to the girls but she only embarrassed me further when she ordered me to strip naked in front of them and then my Mother showed the girls how to make me squirm and moan like a girl all from teasing my cock.

    My Mother forced me to get soft in front of the girls as she taught them many techniques to torture me further and when I had completely lost my arousal, my mother also showed the bullies a perfect way to make me cum in under 30 seconds! which, of course, made my cheeks blush bright red. Especially when the girls giggled and laughed at me and took a few pictures!