While babysitting for a friend of her Mothers, she had gotten bored and began to wonder around the house after everyone else had gone to bed and accidentally discovered a secret sex dungeon hidden behind the bookshelf in the basement.

    There was a large assortment in kinky sex toys in there including one that stood out to her. A large life-like fake cock in the bucket labeled Clone-A-Willy that included a sticker with her Bullies name on it!

    Curiosity got the best of her and she nervously reached out and grabbed the massive dildo that looked like her Bullies, and immediately an alarm went off locking her in the room until the woman paying her to babysit returned and entered the room with a big grin.

    Several minutes later the babysitter was bound to one of the tables in the dungeon being forced to cum over and over and over again as the woman paying her to babysit was on the phone with the babysitter’s Bully telling him to come over and fuck her!

    It was hard to show how pissed off she was at her Sister between her moans. She had been caught red handed last night and as usual, her bitchy Sister was blackmailing her once again. Only this time, her Sister was making her have sex with her biggest Bully! 

    She wanted to yell at her big Sister. She wanted to scream at her for being such a bitch, but it all came out as nothing but indistinguishable moans as she began cumming all over her Bullies thick cock.

    Turning my Girlfriend

    An erotic story written by shefuckedmybully

    If you thought being considered the nerdiest guy in school was bad enough, than I couldn’t have begun to guess what you may have thought when you heard I was getting Bullied....by a girl!

    All my life I had been getting Bullied but it wasn’t until my senior year that things finally began to turn around for me. Most of my Bullies had come and gone, and I finally found myself in love with a beautiful girl who surprisingly agreed to become my Girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. Everything had been going great until SHE showed up...

    She was a late transfer to our school during senior year. A beautiful black girl who was instantly one of the popular girls in school simply because of her looks on top of the fact that she had already become a star on the schools cheerleading squad, Volleyball team, basketball team, and dance team. But she certainly had the attitude to go with it. Breanna was a HUGE bitch at heart!

    Right away she had begun picking on me and I was thoroughly embarrassed by the fact that I was not only being Bullied by a girl, but could easily be overpowered by her as well or even beat up by her if she wanted to.

    But luckily we didn’t exactly run into each other often in school.

    Last night however, we happened to find ourselves at the same party for the very first time and of course...things didn’t exactly end well for me!

    I don’t exactly remember what happened.  It was all fuzzy at the moment. The last thing I remember is taking a sip of a beer she had given me after a previous confrontation between us and after that...I must have blacked out!

    Now I woke in a strange basement I didn’t recognize, unable to move my arms or legs feeling as if I had been drugged. I struggled to move, but nothing happened. My arms and legs had been handcuffed to prevent my escape and as soon as I realized it, I began to scream!

    Hello Pet!” I heard from the top of the stairs as Brea came into view and made her way down the stairs. “Surprised to see me?” She asked, “Feeling a little confused at the moment? Feeling a little tied up and helpless right now?” She asked me.

    I began to speak by she swatted the floor with the menacing whip in her hands and cut me off instead. “That’s because I drugged your drink last night at that party shortly before you passed out!” Breanna said to me. “And now, you’re ALL mine. I have you for the next 7 days and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Scream all you want, nobody can hear you. Try to escape if you’d like, there’s no where to go!  Try resisting in hopes of someone coming to find you if you’d like..nobody knows your here! They all think you took a short vacation for the next 7 days and forgot to bring your cell phone.” Brea told me. “Right now...You’re in the middle of nowhere and NOBODY knows exactly where you are!”

    My point is, you’re all mine for the next 7 days and there’s nothing you can do about it...” She said while thwacking my chest with her whip. “Now...what should I do with you?” She asked herself. “I could always leave you down here for an hour or two while I go out and have a little bit of fun. Or...I could pull these ugly looking pants down around your ankles and see what youre working with!” Breanna told me as she knelt between my legs and began to unbuckle my belt.

    “Don’t be nervous now...” Brea told me. “I was going to see that cock of yours sooner or later. Might as well get it out of the way early on...”

    She laughed as she whipped my inner thighs with a couple sharp slaps as she dropped my pants down around my ankles and physically ripped the boxers right off my body in one quick motion!

    A little on the small size aren’t we?” Breanna laughed. “Oh well. Get it hard for me!” She commanded as she swatted the tip of my cock with her whip and held my balls with her long sharp fingernails which dug into my skin. “Now!”

    I wanted to say no. But the truth was, I was becoming very afraid of this woman. When I had first run into her in the hallways after class I could immediately tell she was a bully. But I wouldn’t have ever guessed she had this darker more dominant more frightening side to her. So I reluctantly closed my eyes and tried to imagine my Girlfriend giving me a blowjob for the very first time in hopes of somehow finding the strength to somehow get aroused and become erect in my current situation.

    It worked much better than I could have imagined and it wasn’t long before I had become hard. Breanna smirked as she watched my cock fill with blood and slowly double in size to a full 5 inches in length. “Good Boy!” Brea whispered as she fed me a little Viagra pill then knelt on the ground below me.

    Suddenly I moaned while pleasure as I felt her pour a heavy mixture of warming cream, arousal gel, and lube over the head of my cock at the same time her soft hand wrapped around my cock.

    I’ll bet you wanna cum for me, don’t you?” Breanna asked, “I’ll bet you jerk off to me all the time...” She said as she began expertly stroking my cock. She maintained eye contact with me the entire time she stroked my cock and massaged my balls. I tried to fight it, but she was too damn good at what she did. I quickly found myself approaching the edge of an orgasm...

    I know you think I’m a bitch.” Breanna told me. “And you’re right. I am. But if you thought I was an arrogant cruel Bully before all this...then just wait until you’ve seen me fuck your pretty little Girlfriends pussy with my toys until she cums more times than you could ever make her cum and becomes so addicted to my big dildo that she leaves you and your little cock for me and my dildos!” Brea said to me as she tightened her grip around my throbbing cock and swiftly brought me to the very edge of cumming.

    Oh good, you’re about to explode” Brea said with a smirk. “Now the real fun can begin.”

    Before I even knew what was going on, she had taped a small vibrator to the tip of my cock and left it on its lowest setting...keeping me right there on the brink of cumming yet just far enough away to avoid the mess of an orgasm.

    Breanna pulled out a small ball gag form behind where I was bound and quickly rubbed it all over my cock and balls, coating the ball with my sweat and precum before adding a few small drops of pussy juice into the mix.

    Now shut up and watch me wimp...” Brea told me as she shoved the gag into my mouth and strapped it onto me. “I’m about to fuck your Girlfriend so good that she’ll beg me to let her leave you so she can be my pet for life. She’ll beg me to use her as my fucktoy whenever I wish and she’ll eagerly break up with you as soon as I allow it!” Breanna said as I watched my Girlfriend begin crawling down the basement stairs already collared for my female Bully.

    You wanna fuck me while your Boyfriend watches?” Brea asked he, lifting my Girlfriends chin with one of her sexy heels. “You want him to watch you cum all over my dildo?” Brea asked my Girlfriend. ANSWER ME!”

    Y....yes. Yes mistress. Please!” My Girlfriend begged.

    And the next thing I knew, I was standing there helplessly tied up and gagged...forced to remain erect and on the brink of cumming while I watched the love of my life get her holes stretched and pounded by a dildo bigger than my cock and listened to her moan louder for my Bully than she moaned for me.

    And no more than 15 minutes after Breanna and my Girlfriend had begun..she had her first orgasm for another woman! An intense screaming orgasm where my her toes curled.A first for her. But certainly not her last.

    I watched Breanna fuck my Girlfriend for several more hours that day before everything my Bully said came true. My Girlfriend absolutely seemed to be enjoying the dildos far more than she had ever enjoyed riding my cock and my Girlfriend even said she wants to break up with me for Breanna too!

    But my nightmare was only just beginning!

    I awoke the next day with badly aching blue balls after being teased and denied last night and instantly noticed Brea standing there with a smirk.

    This is only JUST  the beginning” She told me.

    Breannna went on an on for nearly an hour, teasing and taunting me with her vicious words, finally getting to the point.

    Since your “Ex” has fallen in love with my dildos and loves me more than she could ever love you...I don’t really see any use for your cock anymore. Do you? It’s not like you’re ever going to find another girlfriend anyway. So why keep that thing free?” Brea said to me while feeding me another one of her damn Viagra pills.

    Now that the Viagra was slowly beginning to take effect, my Bully pulled out a little chastity device and slipped my cock inside. This is what men like you deserve.“ Breanna told me. “Just a little reminder of whose in charge...” She told me as she shut the spiked chastity belt around my  cock and locked it too.

    The next couple of days were a blur.

    I watched helplessly as Brea continued to tease and deny me while she corrupted several other woman I knew and loved. She went on to ruin my reputation further and encourage other girls around town to push me around and Bully me too. But it all felt slightly wrong. As if what was happening to me wasn’t quite real.

    Then the 7th day came and I found myself blacking out once again as Breanna offered me one of her specially prepared drinks...

    When I woke up in my own bed the next day, I couldn’t believe what had happened to me. How had I gotten here? Had it all been nothing more than a really convincing nightmare?

    I was just about to write it off as one of the worst nightmares I had ever experienced until I felt something sharp and painful poking against my semi erect cock. Sure enough..I pulled back the covers to see that damn spiked chastity belt Breannna had locked my cock into still locked around my cock!

    Outside of this chastity belt, there wasn’t a shred of evidence that I had ever been in Brea’s basement and I knew there was no way I could ever prove what she had done to me for the past 7 days.

    Worst of all, my Girlfriends status on Facebook had been updated.

    When I entered the living room expecting to find presents, I saw every one of my Bullies standing there naked stroking their cocks. They looked at me & said: Choose a women you love to get fucked or it’ll be you in their place!

    Now I was left with a horrible choice:

  • Do I let my Mother fuck these 6 Bullies?
  • Do I give my Sister to them and let my Bullies have their way with her?
  •   Do I allow my Cousin to get gangbanged by these men I hated? 
  • Should I choose to avoid my family and instead turn my Girlfriend into a cheating slut who falls in love with my Bullies cocks? 
  • Or should I refuse to play my Bullies game and try to protect the women I love from having to fuck them all in any way I possibly can?
  • Which Option Do I Choose This Christmas?

    My Bully had her tied up and gagged. Naked from the waist down and completely helpless to prevent him from doing whatever it was he was about to do while wearing the ski-mask. And I was tied up to the chair, gagged with her wet panties stuffed in my mouth completely doomed to have to watch!

    So why was her pussy soaking wet right now?