I had absolutely no clue my little Sister fantasized about me fucking her Bully until I was accidentally woken up by her moaning in bed last night. 

    I had no clue my sweet and innocent Sister wanted to see my hard dick sliding in and out of her Bullies tight wet pussy as her Bully teased and taunted her with every thrust I made. But the idea was kinda hot and I was becoming rock hard just from imagining her watching me! 

    I had to jerk off a dozen times that night just to get the thoughts out of my head long enough to get back to sleep but the moment I woke up in the morning again, I was rock hard with lots of terrible thoughts about my little Sister and my little Sister's hot bitchy Bully filling my head! 

    I wonder if my little Sister really wanted me to do it, or if it was just a fantasy she got off to from time to time when she was really horny?

    Her Mother promised she'd resolve the issue with the girls in a matter of minutes. That everything would be okay by the time she walked through that door and her Bullies would never bother her again! But her Mother was wrong.

    From the moment she stepped foot in that house, something wasn't quite right. The girls who Bullied her Daughter were already naked - immediately greeting her like lovers and kissing her on the lips as well as clinging to her, and seductively touching her all over as she searched for the girls' Mother.

    Despite having no desires to be with another woman before coming inside, she was wet between the legs. Surprisingly aroused with a growing urge to let the girls fuck her...she sensed a high amount of sexual energy in the air that had begun to overwhelm her senses!

    By the time she found their Mother, she couldn’t shake the feeling that some sort of sex magic had a hold of her. The harder she fought to resist her urges and talk to their Girls’ Mother, the more willing she became to do whatever she said.

    When the Mother of her Daughter’s Bullies told her she would let the girls fuck her, she felt sickened. How could she possibly let these girls have sex with her when they had brought so much misery to her Daughter’s life? 

    But she wasn’t fighting it any longer! Despite her protests, she made no effort to stop the girls from removing her skirt as their naked Mother sat back and watched. She didn’t stop them when they began licking her ass and pussy in front of their Mother.


    And she found herself begging for more after the girls managed to produce the very first squirting orgasm she had experienced in years. The first since she had gotten married even! By now, all she wanted was more!

    By the time she had gotten dressed again, something felt different. She didn’t really remember much of what happened in the past hour or so and she couldn’t quite place what it was but she was certain her talk with the Mother of the girls who Bullied her Daughter had gone very well! 

    She was happy with the results and never once suspected things had gone horribly wrong and that she now found herself under their spell - unable to refuse any command they gave her. She didn’t realize she had been tricked and now had to obey their every word!