This was a total nightmare!

    I had accidentally fallen asleep at my desk at work and somehow found myself dreaming bout being at the mercy of a hot co-worker who had recently been promoted and completely despised me.

    I dreampt I was at her mercy. Naked, on my knees, hands cuffed behind my back...being blackmailed into sucking my Bullies cock through a gloryhole and swallowing his seed in front of everybody to avoid getting fired.

    Making matters worse, I realized I had been sleeptalking the entire time when I finally snored myself away to find my co-workers staring at me, most of them giggling.

    There was a huge mix-up at a local gloryhole earlier today.

    My really bitchy and insanely slutty Sister had snuck over there while grounded because she heard my Bully was going to be there and was looking to fuck him. 

    I had followed her over there because I was worried she might try something like this and had noticed my Bullies hot older Sister had done the same as me and had gone into one of the booths to avoid being seen. 

    Looking to finally lose my virginity and get some pussy, I decided to allow my Sister to fuck my Bully through the gloryhole so I could instead sneak into the booth next to my Bullies Sister and plunge my cock into her pussy without anyone knowing who I was. 

    But somehow, there was a mix-up when heading into the booth and I accidentally found myself  fucking my Sister's cunt as my Bully was getting some from his Sister in the booth next to us. I hadn't realized the mistake until I heard my Sister moan out loud 15 minutes later. 

    Realizing what I had done pushed me over the edge, accidentally causing me to explode deep inside my Sister's tight unprotected pussy before I even had a chance to try to pull out!