Every week she sent an anonymous text message to one of her Bullies instructing him to go to a specific hotel room, put on a blindfold, and wait with their cocks out so she could suck them off until cum blasted down her throat...all without her Bullies ever knowing it was her! 

    It was kinky as hell and she knew the consequences if any of them ever found out it was her, but the thrill of sucking her Bullies cocks was simply too intense and exciting for her not to do it!

    It started as a simple fight between herself and her Bully, but after the ceremony, things escalated a bit and it eventually ended with a threesome with her Bully! 

    A threesome which resulted in her never truly consummating her marriage AND her licking her Bullies pussy as her newlywed Husband began splattering his load inside her Bullies pussy!

    After her shift as a secretary ended...She occasionally worked nights as a prostitute for a little cash on the side and business was booming. Tonight she had been contacted by 8 different potential clients but only had time to choose one of them:

  • Door #1 - Her Husband's Boss
  • Door #2 - Her Son's biggest Bully
  • Door #3 - Her Daughter's best friends: The Twins
  • Door #4 - Her Son's least favorite Teacher
  • Door #5 - Her Son's Bullies: The Basketball Team
  • Door #6 - Her Son
  • Door #7 - A complete Stranger
  • Door #8 - Her regular client: requires a blindfold every time
  • Or, she could skip the potential clients and head inside a different room instead:

  • Door #9 - CEO of her company
  • Door #10 - The Father of her Son's Bully: The Police Officer
  • Door #11 - Empty. Self pleasure time
  • Door #12 - Her other Son getting cuckolded by his Girlfriend
  • Fuck it - go home and make love to the Husband instead.
  • As a Virgin, I was nervous as hell!

    I sat in front of this hot older woman I had just met 15 minutes ago knowing she was going to fulfill my biggest fantasy! And there was no backing out now, she had already said yes

    I had just payed her a large sum of money to walk up to a Bully of mine, seduce him, and bring him back to her hotel room where she was going to fuck him in front of me and turn me into a cuckold for the man who had beaten me up countless times and humiliated me more than a dozen times. And she was going to do it for me!

    Wearing her sexy red dress - The very dress that had caught my attention earlier tonight - She walked up to my Bully, waiting for him to make eye contact, then whispered something in his ear before seductively walking away and giving me a wink as she headed out the door towards the hotel she was staying at.

    I would soon become a cuckold to my Bully!

    Hey babe, I might have just accidentally gambled most of your money away and told the manager that I'd pay off the debt with a night in bed with him for every $100 I lost to avoid causing any more trouble and getting us kicked out of the casino today with no money in our pockets and no place to stay tonight...

    The manager happened to be VERY nice and was pretty eager to agree to the terms of our arrangement, especially when he found out I was engaged to you!

    Apparently you two used to know each other back in high school or something? He said you two didn't get along very well because you thought he was a Bully or something like that. And I guess you got into a lot of trouble one day towards the end of senior year after getting into a fight over the fact that he stole your high school sweetheart away from you, or something like that?

    Anyway, he was more than happy to let me pay off the $10,000 I lost with sex.

    We'll have to put off the wedding for a couple of months until I can pay him and the casino back fully but the manager said he'd be happy to waive off an extra $50 a night if you were willing to suck his hot thick sticky cum out of my loose sloppy pussy and lick me clean after we're all finished...Plus he told me he’d knock off another $1 every time you tell him how much bigger his cock is!!!

    Anyway, I really hope you aren’t mad at me, I promise watching us fuck won’t be as bad as you think but he and I probably better get started right away. You wanna show the manager what room you and I are staying in?


    This was it, I was going to win!

    I had 3 aces and there was no way I was going to lose the pot to the Bully sitting across from me. I was going to win this hand for sure and I would never again have to worry about the bet I had been tricked into making on the hand...

    Why I had let my Bully talk me into betting a night of sex with my Girlfriend, I'll never know but at least I was going to win and never have to worry about it.....

    I had 3 aces and I was confident that his hand was significantly worse than mine despite the fact that he called my bet a little too eagerly. I was 100% certain there was no way I would be losing the bet...

    And then he revealed his hand - a full house!

    “I’m sorry babe” My Girlfriend whispered as she left my side to slide into my Bullies lap instead. “Wanna check out the room?” She asked my Bully as she wiggled her hips in his lap and flirted a little. “I hear the bed’s big enough for 2!”

    A couple minutes later my Girlfriend whispered another apology to me as she took my Bully by his hand and guided him in the direction of our hotel room. She told my Bully that she’d be sure to make winning worth it as she brought him to the expensive hotel room I was paying for...

    She “accidentally dropped” the pack of condoms I had bought for her by my feet and the last thing I saw before having the door slammed in my face was my Girlfriend stripping out of her sexy red thong and dropping her panties to the floor for my Bully who was already laying on the bed naked and erect.


    After what felt like an eternity later, someone had apparently unlocked the hotel room door and as it swung open in front of me, I caught a glimpse of my hot Girlfriend riding my Bullies cock as the two of them got closer to cumming.

    My Girlfriend and I made eye contact, and my Bully just happened to begin cumming inside her pussy as we gazed into each others eyes...


    It was the worst bet I had ever made during a game of poker and the worst part was, I was actually considering another game in hopes of winning back my pride, beating my Bully at his own game, and possibly even winning a night in bed with someone he loved like he had just done to me at the casino.

    But that wouldn’t turn out well for me in the end, would it?

    My older Cousin Stephanie only dated bad boys.

    The kind of men who didn’t follow the rules and had piercings all over their bodies. The kind of men who wore their baggy pants half way down their waist with a bunch of tattoos and spent more time smoking and drinking then anything else. The kind of man who could knock a guy like me out with a single punch.

    So when my older Cousin was in town for a short visit and found out I was being bullied by a man named derrick who fit the type of bad boys she liked, she couldn’t help herself! My Cousin found herself on her hands and knees in a cheap hotel room getting pounded by his huge cock even though she already had a Boyfriend.

    After he came inside her pussy, Stephanie sent him on his way and laid on her back, rubbing her cum filled pussy as she waited for my Bullies Matt and Jarred to come double penetrate her as well!

    Where was I when all this was happening? At home, all by myself as usual, siting at the computer desk jerking off to porn while creating this caption wondering, did Stephanie know what I wimp I was?