My Wife couldn’t believe I was such a wimp that I had allowed myself to be bullied on a daily basis by my own Son! She was so annoyed with the way I acted that she decided to teach me a lesson by giving my Son what he always wanted - his Mommy’s mature pussy!

    Next thing I knew, I had just got done watching my Son fuck his Mother while eagerly waiting for him to finish so I could do my duties as a good husband and lick her clean! And now that I was licking her clean, I felt I was finally in my rightful natural place in the household! I was a good husband, and if I had been reduced to her provider and forced to lick my Sons sperm out of my Wife’s well fucked pussy never again allowed to fuck her because my Son’s cock was so much bigger…then so be it!

    My Son was the man of the house now and I knew that he deserved it!

    Oh The Horror!

    A short erotic horror story Written by: She Fucked My Bully

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I flipped on an old Horror movie on Halloween night! A horror movie I had never seen before. It was supposed to be your stereotypical B-Movie from the 50s without any names you would recognize in it, yet here she own Wife appearing on the screen in the opening scene of this obscure movie, spreading her legs for the two men who had Bullied me since high school!

    Something obviously wasn’t quite right here! They couldn’t have been the ones in the movie. Neither my wife nor my Bullies had been born that long ago! It wasn’t possible for any of them to be appearing in this horror movie. 

    I looked at the cover of the old tape once again. A relatively blank VHS with nothing but on obscure title and a few mysterious words that seemed relatively unconnected. I hadn’t recognized the title when I had found the VHS and that’s what had drown my attention to it in the first place! A few strange markings on the cover here or there... However, there was also nothing available to indicate that my Wife or Bullies could possibly be the ones on the screen right now!

    How was this even possible?I had no clue at all. All I knew was I was reluctantly becoming more and more aroused by what I saw on the TV screen and slowly.... my cock had begun getting harder and harder by the second as my two Bullies pulled their huge cocks out and climbed in bed with my Wife...

    Then, my two Bullies began fingering my Wife’s pussy and making out with her!

    I wanted to shut the tape off immediately. However I couldn’t seem to move out of my chair. I couldn’t even close my eyes or look away from the screen! I could only sit there in shock as I watched my Wife cum on my Bullies fingers and began stripping for them.

    For a short second, I recalled the fact that my Wife may have still been in the house tonight but I had become so absorbed with this VHS that even if she still was in the house, I wouldn’t have noticed!

    I continued watching the old horror movie while my Wife on the screen crawled into bed with my Bullies, completely naked. She whimpered with pleasure as one of them smacked her ass and I practically shouted at the screen with anger when I watched her crawl between their legs and begin licking and sucking their balls.

    The fall storm raged on outside, thunder booming in the night as the lightning kept the trick-or-treaters from disturbing me. However, even the loud crashing sound of the intense thunder couldn’t distract me from what was going on through my TV screen!

    My Wife was now bobbing her head up and down one of their big cocks, jerking off my other Bully while playing with her pussy and occasionally, I even noticed her deepthroating one of them with ease. Something she always refused to do for me because she claimed she’d gag half way down!

    Several minutes later, I couldn’t take it any longer. I slid my pants down around my ankles and pulled out my raging hard on, wrapping my hand around my throbbing cock already oozing precum as I watched my Wife suck my Bullies cocks.

    I still couldn’t understand how my Wife was appearing in this old horror movie. But at this point, I was past caring how this was even possible. I couldn't stop staring at the screen! I couldn’t stop watching my Wife pleasure my Bullies!

    I began stroking my cock as I watched my Wife get plowed by both my Bullies through what I had once believed was an old horror movie from the 50s!


    Although she would have never done such a thing for me, I watched my Wife up close on the TV screen getting fucked in the ass by one of my Bullies! His cock was much bigger than I could have ever pictured and watching my Wife get plowed so easily was concerning! It looked as if she had done this before...

    The old “horror movie” continued playing on my TV screen while I jerked off to the horrifying threesome playing out before my eyes. Whether or not it was really my Wife cuckolding me with my Bullies, it didn’t really matter anymore.

    I watched her getting fucked for another 35 minutes as I came on my chest again and again, feeling totally exhausted after my 4th straight orgasm of the night while my Wife and Bullies were still going strong!

    After swapping between sex and blowjobs 6 or 7 times and nearly a dozen position changes, My Wife ended up being double penetrated. Both of my Bullies cocks in the same hole, stretching her tight pussy wider then I ever thought possible!

    And that’s when it happened, my Wife cried out begging my Bullies to cum inside her and at that very moment, I found enough strength to look away from the screen and glance out the window!

    I took my eyes off the screen for just a split second, and when I looked back at it...there was nothing more than a regular old horror movie playing on the screen. None of the actresses resembling my Wife in any way and no Actors appearing similar in appearance to my Bullies in any way! 

    No more sex being portrayed, and worse of all not even the slimmest hint of what I had seen being on the old VHS. I had been cut off the moments before I had seen if my Wife had let my Bullies cum inside her or not and that was driving me insane already!

    I continued searching for clues but after researching the old tape for hours, I had come up with nothing. I researched the VHS multiple times and found NOTHING. According to all my research found. This tape I had just watched apparently didn't even exist! at least, that’s what I had come to believe.

    It was as if none of it ever happened, like I had imagined the whole scenario. But could I have really hallucinated an hour worth of graphic hardcore pornographic sex between my Wife and two Bullies? Or did this actually happen for real somehow?

    Suddenly an old fear crept into my mind. Remember how creeped out I had been when watching The Ring and hearing a phone call after the movie had finished playing? Well, what if this old tape was something similar to that? What if my Wife would really go out getting double teamed by my Bullies now that I had sat there watching and masturbating to this?

    Sure, I could fuck you today...I am hornier than usual. But maybe I shouldn’t! It’s been a really long day today and a lot happened at work...

    I know I promised you that we’d fuck tonight but I think it’s best if we just lay in bed and cuddle for a couple of hours today. You can fuck me some other time!!! Want me to   tell you about the way your Bully tried seducing me today while I sit on the edge of the bed playing with my wet pussy while you kneel between my legs watching while you stroke your cock with my wet panties instead?

    You can lick my pussy until I cum when you’re finished!

    Your Sister caught your Mother kissing your Bully on your bed while giving him a handjob and decided to ask if she could join in rather than run to her bedroom....

    Several minutes later, she was sucking and fucking your Bully along with your Mother and let your Bully cum all over her pretty face!

    Now go give her a kiss and tell her you love her!

    My Niece hated me

    So one night after she caught me stumbling into the house late at night slightly drunk during one of her short visits, my Niece waited for me to pass out and tied me up while excitedly binding my wrists and ankles to the bed,

    When I woke up the next morning and opened my eyes, I saw my Niece standing there naked with my Bully by her side...naked as well. My Niece looked at me with a smirk, quickly stuffed her dirty wet panties into my mouth, and began to ride my Bullies big black cock right in front of me while I was forced to lay there helplessly watching.

    I tried to resist, but watching my Niece bounce of that big black cock eventually caused myself to become aroused.

    I tried to fight it, but  resistance was futile was my cock began to become erect right before my own eyes and when I noticed my Niece preparing to cum on my Bullies cock, I happened to look over and notice my Wife and Daughter watching from the hallway with shocked, but lustful looks in their eyes. 

    They couldn’t have been thinking of taking a turn as well, could they?

    My Wife and I got into a huge argument over why my Wife found me getting beat up by my Bully to be arousing.

    I laid out plenty of well thought out facts and questions as well as dozens of reasons why this felt wrong, especially coming from someone who supposedly loved me. 

    Her answer to everything I said? Push me out of the way to grab the phone and invite my Bully over to the house, and let him beat me up a little, knock me to the floor, and fuck her soaking wet pussy on top of my sore unconscious body while waiting for me to begin waking up so she could begin begging him to cum inside her cunt and knock her up.

    A few minutes later I opened my eyes and heard her moan out, “Cum inside my pussy NOW!”