But it was all fake!

    My Daughter had talked me into confessing my biggest fantasy last weekend and promised to make it all come true, as long as I was the one to come up with a plan that would allow it to happen without my Bully finding out it was all my idea to begin with! And my Daughter and I believe it worked!

    I had absolutely no clue my little Sister fantasized about me fucking her Bully until I was accidentally woken up by her moaning in bed last night.

    I had no clue my sweet and innocent Sister wanted to see my hard dick sliding in and out of her Bullies tight wet pussy as her Bully teased and taunted her with every thrust I made. But the idea was kinda hot and I was becoming rock hard just from imagining her watching me! 

    I had to jerk off a dozen times that night just to get the thoughts out of my head long enough to get back to sleep but the moment I woke up in the morning again, I was rock hard with lots of terrible thoughts about my little Sister and my little Sister's hot bitchy Bully filling my head! 

    I wonder if my little Sister really wanted me to do it, or if it was just a fantasy she got off to from time to time when she was really horny?

    Mutual masturbation with my Sister had gone a little too far.

    She and I were both masturbating separately in our bedroom a few hours after our parents went to bed until we begun overhearing each other moan. It was obvious we were listening to each other masturbate  and neither of us wanted to be the first to cum. So we lay there by the wall listening and edging as we both inched closer to an orgasm and moaned louder and louder for one another!

    This went on for a little while until my Sister decided it was time to stop dancing around what we really wanted and decided to text me about what she and I were doing. And after an unusual exchange of texts, we finally agreed to just have her sneak over to my bedroom and masturbate on my bed together - under the conduction that we just watch and not touch of course.

    Things were awkward in the beginning but started to go more smoothly once we begun to get comfortable touching ourselves in front of each other. And it was incredible looking my sibling in the eye and holding the edge as she whispered my name while touching herself a foot away from me!

    But things spiraled out of hand pretty quickly once my Sister begun to question what I was thinking about and in less than an hour after we had begun, things had gone a little too far!

    I soon found myself cuddling with my naked Sister, whispering in her ear and encouraging her to think about the man who Bullied me as I rubbed her soaking wet pussy. She seemed a bit hesitant to do so in the beginning because it seemed so wrong - but I could tell the thought was getting her wetter by the second!

    I knew she was going to cum HARD for my Bully!

    After her orgasm, my Sister confessed it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced and was a little embarrassed to admit it, but she wanted to do this again every night as well as telling me she was considering fucking my Bully for real one night if our parents ever left us home along - although she told me she wanted me to watch

    Voodoo   For Dummies

    One Hell of A Spell

    Story Written by: SheFuckedMyBully | Check out more stories her| Check out my archive for more

    He couldn't figure out what was going on. It was dark, he didn't recognize this room...His head was all fuzzy. Oh wait! The voodoo spell! It worked! It must have actually worked! But wait. Something was wrong. Terribly terribly wrong!

    Something didn't feel right and it wasn't just his lapse in memory after performing that spell last night, or the night before, or whenever the hell he had done it. No, something was terribly wrong during the ritual and it wasn't just because he could begin to see the light shade of pink sheets on the bed that would never be mistaken as his Bullies as his eyes adjusted to the light. 

    But he just couldn't quite put a finger on what was off.

    Shaking off the feelings of dread and confusion, he began to get out of bed, feeling his fingertips brush against something odd as he flung the sheets off of his new body. Breasts? What the fuck?!? This can’t be my Bullies body I’m in!

    As he stood in the mirror looking at himself, something had gone terribly wrong. The spell he had performed was supposed to swap him into his Bullies body for 48 hours. However he now stood in front of the mirror in the body of a busy woman who looked strangely familiar to him; although he wasn’t certain who while his memory remained fuzzy like this.

    Completely naked, he stumbled across the room in search of something to wear but all he found was discarded panties, shirts with holes in them, and an alarming lack of bras on the floor in this strange and unfamiliar bedroom!

    As his vision became clearer, he made his way over to the dresser and threw on the most modest outfit possible. His memory was finally starting to come around and he knew this room looked familiar. Could it be possible that the spell landed him into the body of somebody related to his Bully after all?

    A comforting aroma of a fresh breakfast began to seep into the room through the cracks in the doorway and brought him downstairs into the kitchen despite having no clue who or what he may find down there!

    “Penelope!” A voice called out from the other side of the room. “Where have you been?” the woman demanded, “Breakfast has been on the table for nearly 15 minutes! It’s getting cold!”

    Now he finally knew who he had mistakenly swapped bodies with!

    The spell had not swapped him with his Bully as advertised. Instead, he had somehow swapped bodies with Penny -  His Bullies hot and slutty, but incredibly bitchy big titted Sister. Perhaps he had performed the ritual wrong or had screwed up while pronouncing one of the more difficult words found in the Voodoo for Dummies handbook. But whatever the case - something had gone terribly wrong and his plan for his Bully had been foiled after all!

    He heard the surprisingly feminine sound of his voice when a sharp slap on his ass caught him off guard from behind. 

    ’Bout time you finally got up, Sis!” His Bully said with a grin. “Rough night huh?” His Bully added while brushing up against him from behind as a hand momentarily slid down the waistband of the jeans he had put on.

    The rest of the day sped by as nothing but a blur.

    It had become apparent that he now possessed the body of his Bullies Sister but he had yet to decide on how to possibly use this to his advantage!

    Previously, he was intending to use the ancient voodoo spell to take over his Bullies body for 48 hours and wreck havoc on his Bullies life while spending as much time getting laid as possible since he was still a virgin!

    With that off the table, he was unsure of how to use the possession of his Bullies Sister to his advantage and extract the revenge he wanted. Scratch that - the revenge he deserved!

    But things were beginning to go from bad to worse as things became increasingly clear - Bullies big Sister and his Bully, shared a secret. A secret that had been hidden from everybody in his Bullies life including his parents!

    His Bully had been oddly flirty with his all day long but the reason why had only just become clear as he picked up Penny’s phone and discovered nudes and dick pics of his Bully everywhere! Including dozens of videos Penny had of her Brother fucking a pretty girl! 

    A pretty girl who suspiciously looked JUST LIKE PENNY!

     That was it! That was the secret! His Bully as his Bullies Sister Penny where in an incestuous relationship! Judging by these pictures, the two of them had been fucking for months now and nobody suspected a thing!

    This was it! This is what he could use to blackmail his Bully with!

    It was just after midnight now and all he had to do was survive another 6 hours in this body before swapping back to his own with all the evidence he could ever ask for in order to take control of his life without having to worry about his bully!

    All he had to do was text or email copies of these photos and videos to his phone back at the house! But...he was caught off guard are he was attempting to send them to himself when he noticed his Bully - fresh out of the shower - standing in the doorway with his cock already pull out of his loose fitting shorts!

    I hope you’re ready for me Penny, because Mom and Dad are finally asleep and I’m tired of waiting, you little cocktease!” His Bully whispered - still fully unaware that the person standing before him was no longer his Sister Penny!

    Blushing from the sight of his own Bullies massive cock, he opened his mouth to object only to be cut off as his Bully slid behind him, covered his mouth with his hand, and whispered, “Shhhhh, don’t speak! I know you like it rough so Ill gag you with your dirty panties again so we don’t wake Mom or Dad!” His Bully said while roughly shoving him onto the floor next to Penny’s bed and locking the door behind him.

    You’re mine until the sun comes up, slut!” His Bully grunted as he plunged into Penny’s tight and surprisingly wet pussy!

    His Bully didn’t suspect a thing as he fucked him. Despite swapping places with his Bullies sister, his Bully didn’t seem to notice as he used Penny’s tight petite body and groped her big tits.

    Time slowly ticked away for what felt like an eternity as he was used in every position imaginable by his Bully as the body he had been swapped into betrayed him producing unforgettable orgasm after orgasm causing him to moan out loud in Penny’s pretty voice!

    He thought it would never end.

    However, his Bully finally grunted one last time and began pumping his Sister’s pussy full of his fertile seed as he lay there feeling used and sore and humiliated, looking at the clock only to realize that the time was up!

    The body swapping voodoo spell had just worn off!

    My parents were neither discrete nor quiet when it came to having sex and their sexual Roleplays to keep things interesting in the bedroom only continued getting kinkier and kinkier. Days like tonight I lay in my bedroom listening (1, 2), unable to drown out the noise and dirty talk with headphones...unsure of whether or not my Mother had actually fucked him for real.

    But my annoyance in the beginning began to evaporate into arousal as I listened to them fucking and my arousal slowly became too intense to resist. Soon I was touching myself as I listened to their dirty talk and found myself actually fantasizing about my Mother sneaking out of her bed after Dad fell asleep and tip toeing over to my bedroom to shove my face in her sloppy pussy so she could force me to lick the mixture of my Dad’s and my Bullies cum out of her nasty well fucked hole! I couldn’t stop the fantasy from happening!