Her Bully was prettier than she was!

    Her Bully was prettier than she was and her biggest fear was losing her Boyfriend to her Bully. A fear that slowly began to manifest itself when she caught her Boyfriend checking out other girls one night a week or so after a big fight which ended with him claiming he was losing interest in her! 

    The girl was so much prettier than she was and it instantly sparked a fear that she might lose her Boyfriend forever...A fear which would slowly become her biggest fantasy the night she caught her Bully flirting back!

    So she conquered her fear by confessing it to her Boyfriend and now, the two of them had gone from sex once or twice every week (as opposed to every night when they first met) to fucking just once every couple of months, with her Boyfriend constantly flirting with her Bully to make her jealous followed by a blowjob every night which ended in a facial and her Boyfriends cum blasting all over pictures of her Bully which she’d have to lick up before she was allowed to make herself cum. Something she hated, and loved at the same time!

    However, one day she would finally give in to her urges and give her Bully a call...because now that she was experiencing her fantasy with her Boyfriend, she now wanted to see him fucking her Bully for real. She wanted to call her Bully on the phone and beg her to come fuck her Boyfriend so she could sit and watch getting more and more jealous as her Boyfriend confessed his love for her Bully - eventually getting to lick her Bullies pussy clean!

    She only did it out of jealously.

    She hated her Brother almost as much as she hated her Bully, but as soon as she found out her Bully had been sleeping with her Brother she had gotten so jealous that she actually seduced her own Brother before letting him come fuck her on webcam  while the girl who Bullied her watched!

    She thought only her Bully could see her right now. She had no idea the webcam wasn't private however, and she didn't realize that among the hundreds of people watching were her own parents too!

    Her Brother was secretly fucking the hot bitchy girl who Bullied her every day so whenever she heard her Brother sneaking her Bully into the house she would angerly get dressed up and speed down the road to go out drinking. 

    Despite dressing a bit trashy nobody was ever willing to bring her back to their place for sex because she was too shy and quiet for them. So she always ended up coming back home in a worse mood them before - drunk and horny from her time out of the house - only to overhear her Brother in his bedroom beginning round two with the loud annoying girl who Bullied her. 

    This time however, she never left the house. She was always drunk and horny enough to steal her Mother's dildo and hide in the bathroom connected with her Brother's bedroom so she could fuck her pussy and listen to her older Brother fucking the girl who Bullied her. She’d never do such a thing while sober but whenever she got drunk, her anger and jealousy turned to arousal. 

    She usually passed out drunk a few hours later with the dildo by her side, ashamed of herself and everything she had done while swearing and promising she would leave the house and never do anything fucked up like that again the next time she heard her Bully and her Brother fucking in the house...