Her Daughter was cheap, but the big bucks and the most orgasm-inducing part of her wild fantasy-come-true came from the creampies. All her Daughter’s Bullies were willing to pay large stacks of cash for the privilege of cumming inside her tight unprotected ted pussy and splattering her fertile womb with their seed! Soon her Daughter would be bred by one of her Bullies. It was inevitable!


    My Bullies Father was just as bad. He not only encouraged my Bully to kick my ass, but he was also the one to put the idea in my Bullies head of seducing my family members. Months later, the two of them had fucked them all - my Mother, my Sister, my Daughter, my Aunts, my Cousins, and hell…even my Grandmother!

    Since they no longer had to seduce the women I loved, my Bully and his Father had developed a whole system for selection in order to humiliate me. They’d round my family members up like sex slaves and make me watch as they auctioned them off to a group of men I hated, giving each to their highest bidder. Tonight, it was my Daughters turn to fuck my Bully and he had chosen breeding as their main course of action tonight.

    My Daughter looked at me nervously. She knew how wet the thought of being bred by my Bully made her, but she also knew I was watching and didn’t want to show a single shred of evidence that she was turned on by this. 

    Unfortunately my Daughters attempt to hide her arousal failed the moment my Bullies cock entered her pussy,

    And 30 minutes later as I watched her loose bred pussy dripping with my Bullies spermmy Daughter looked in my direction and gazed at someone over my shoulder. She looked at my Bully and whispered, “I love you Daddy!”

    My Daughter knew I was in trouble...

    She knew my Bully was demanding I pay him back for all the money I had lost at his casino and that there would be some very bad consequences for me if I didn't pay my Bully the money, which we all knew I didn't have. She knew things had been going downhill for me over the past couple of months and being unable to pay my Bully back might be the final nail in my coffin. So she took matters into her own hands and agreed to have sex with my Bully!

    Just one little fuck in exchange for waiving my debt.

    Just one little fuck in exchange for waiving my debt my Daughter was thinking...A one time only offer where my Daughter agreed to let my Bully fuck her with his big black cock on MY bed while I watched and that would be the end of it. She would suck his cock for a couple of minutes, spread her legs and smile at him cutely, then beg my Bully to slide his cock inside and fuck her until he was ready to pull out and cum all over her stomach and belly button. The debt would be forgotten, I would agree to never visit the casino again, and none of us would ever speak of what happened here tonight ever again...

    But that wasn’t how it happened...

    As soon as my Bully dropped his pants, my Daughter was impressed. She was face to face with my Bullies massive black cock - The cock of a pornstar! At least 8 or 9 inches. Thick, heavy, veiny, with big hairy balls! And bigger than anything she had seen before outside of the pornos she secretly masturbated to!

    My Daughter knew right then and there that this wasn’t going to be quick.

    She glanced over in my directly and began to whisper,“I’m sorry” as my Bully grabbed her by the head and shoved his cock down her throat, making her gag the final letters of her apology to me! She knelt at my Bullies feet and sucked his cock for over 35 minutes as I reluctantly sat in an uncomfortable chair in the corner of the room watching and wishing I had more self control when it came to gambling. Had I just quit and accepted my winnings 30 minutes earlier...this wouldn’t be happening right now!

    It was awful watching my precious Daughter spread her legs for my Bully, seeing her bounce on his black cock while listening to her moan a little bit louder each and every time my Bully called her degrading names in front of me - A dirty skank, a cheap whore, a black cock loving slut, a worthless cunt, and a whole lot more...But the worst part about it all was watching my Daughter suddenly scream my Bullies name as he was screwing her and start squirting on his cock! 

    Then, several minutes later watching his cock and balls throb as he began pumping a huge load of cum directly into my Daughters pussy without any resistance from her at all! I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as it was happening before me!

    Several months later...

    My Daughter - Now pregnant with my Bullies baby after my bad night at the casino was on her knees happily servicing the big black cocks of ALL my Bullies!

    Once an innocent straight A student with very limited sexual experience, my Daughter was now nothing but a trashy knocked up black cock loving cumslut who got off on dropping out of school to  stay at home all day long and get banged by old Bullies of mine, letting them use all three of her holes and slap her around a little while calling her degrading names while they gangbanged her until they all came inside her asshole and made her shit the cum out before she slurped it up and spat the cum out on pictures of me before licking it up again and swallowing it! My Daughter was now a whore for my Bullies. Nothing but 3 loose holes to use whenever a Bully of mine was horny.

    Every day my Mother was look out the window and wave goodbye to me as I left the house to head over to school. She was always so loving and nice but calling out to me so loudly was always a slight embarrassment for me. Especially as of late when my Mother seemed to be less caring about what she was wearing and began waving goodbye to me from the window in nothing but a bra!

    Lately my Bully had been showing up to school much later than usual and I never quite figured out that my Mother had been fucking my Bully in the window as she waved goodbye to me. 

    The neighbors knew it. My classmates knew it. Even the girls I had a crush on realized my Mother was fucking my Bully AND talking to him when she said, “I love you!” They all whispered and giggled behind my back and yet I never quite figured it out. Not until today when I came home from school to find my Mother and my Bully waiting for me in the living room and my Mother told me we needed to talk...

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…fuck” my Girlfriend moaned out as she felt my Bully’s cock pulse and begin spurting thick ropes of cum inside her fertile pussy after he had lied and said he’d pull out if she let my Bully fuck him in the kitchen while I slept on the couch nearby. “I can feel your seed splattering my insides!” She cried out during my Bullies orgasm.

    The loud moan from my Girlfriend woke me up just in time to grumpily hop out of bed pop my head into the kitchen just in time to see my girlfriend’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she began to squirt all over my Bullies cock. An orgasm much more intense than anything I had given her before!

    When she saw me looking, my Girlfriend didn’t tried to hide what she was doing. My girlfriend just looked me in the eye and mouthed, “Guess what? I’m pregnant” to me and began laughing as the rest of my family began waking up!

    Your sweet lovable little Sister was a sucker for strong dominant men.

    She was the nicest person in the world when your parents were around, and when she was left alone with you. However..While you were in your bedroom getting your ass kicked by some asshole jock who always Bullied you... your little Sister tiptoed down the hallway, stripped out of her tank top and skinny jeans, and stood just outside your doorway naked. Your little Sister stood there completely naked with her back against the wall and a hand between her thighs, rubbing her clit and fingering herself while pussy juice dripped down her legs and thighs as she thought of him fucking her. 

    Your little Sister was soaking wet throughout the whole ordeal. The moment she caught a glimpse of your Bully physically dominating you, her true nature kicked in and her pussy got wet for your Bully. The moment she heard him abusing and humiliating you, she couldn’t resist rubbing her wet pussy. And soon your little Sister was standing outside your doorway silently teasing her clit as she listened to you getting beat up and made fun of, teetering on the edge of an orgasm while she struggled to hold back for the big finish!

    Your little Sister moaned as she began to fantasize about your Bully. She thought about him smacking you in the face and rushing over to the doorway where she stood after giving you a black eye. She fantasized about him grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the floor to suck his cock before making her ride his cock as he told your little Sister what he did to you while she moaned your Bullies name louder.

    Your Sister rubbed her pussy harder when she thought about your Bully bending her over and fucking her from behind even rougher than he had been while beating your ass. And soon, she even fantasized about getting creampied and teeking his seed deep inside her womb...risking pregnancy for no reason at all except that she felt this prick deserved the satisfaction of cumming in her pussy!

    As her orgasm approached, nothing else mattered anymore. Your little Sister closed her eyes and moaned loudly in hopes of getting caught by your Bully!

    On My Own Fucking Birthday!

    It was My Birthday, but my Girlfriend thought it’d be much hotter if I bought her presents tonight instead, as well as paying for her to get into the expensive nightclub I wasn’t a fan of so I would find myself in the very situation I was in right now in this very moment...watching my horny girlfriend from the other side of the building through a small peephole and witnessing her get fingered to an orgasm by one of my Bullies right there on the dance floor where anyone could see! ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    It was absolutely not what I had in mind for a good time when celebrating my Birthday with my Girlfriend but she was totally right though. It actually was hot as hell to witness and instead of getting mad at her and becoming pissed off that she’d let my Bully do that on the dance floor, especially on my Birthday...I actually found myself so aroused that I begged her for more tonight.

    I actually begged her to forget about the special night in bed that we had planned and begged her to fuck my Bully in the dirty public bathroom stall so she’d know how great my Bullies huge cock was (And it was HUGE! I knew so from changing in the school locker rooms...), promising to buy them condoms so they could fuck and sever them alcohol and food later tonight at the house while my Girlfriend and my Bully opened my Birthday presents together, ate my cake, flirted on my couch, and eventually fucked in my own bed...ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    My Girlfriend almost acted as if she expected this from me, and eagerly agreed to what I was begging her to do under the condition that I skip the condoms and let him cum inside her pussy without protection tonight and soon I was down on my hands and knees in a dirty bathroom stall watching my loving Girlfriend cheat on me with my Bully in a dirty public bathroom.

    I was both excited for, and dreading the time when my Girlfriend let my Bully cum inside of her later tonight knowing there was a high risk of pregnancy around this time and if I wasn’t careful, my Bully might end up knocking my Girlfriend up...ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    But that was a long time from now and anything could happen! between now and then. If I ever lasted that long without backing out or having something else happen...Who’s to say they’d stop after one night of sex?

    Caught Watching!

    I stood there and angerly watched from a distance as my precious Daughter rode my Bullies  big black cock easily. I watched from around the corner as she bounced up and down on his thick shaft with ease, like she had done this sort of thing before!

    It was shocking to see the girl I always believed to be an innocent angel moaning my Bullies name, fucking a man twice her age, and using language far fouler than anything I had ever heard from her before. 

    But I couldn’t turn away. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her petite body and as much as I hated the sight before me...I couldn’t even close my eyes and stop staring. I simply couldn’t bring myself to stop watching!

    When my Daughter noticed my head peeking around the corner and caught me spying on the two of them, she didn’t act mad. She didn’t even attempt to cover herself up or stop fucking my Bully! Her reaction was the complete opposite of what I had been expecting when my Daughter saw me looking.

    Instead, my Daughter grinned back at me and listened to my Bully whisper something in her ear. “What’s that? My Daughter said to him, beckoning my Bully to say it louder. “Your Father is a wimpy bitch” My Bully said proudly.

    That’s when my Daughter looked me straight in the eye and moaned out as loudly as she could, “You’re such a fucking asshole! But I don’t care if my stupid Father hates you or not. Fuck me hard. Fuck me faster. Fuck my fucking pussy raw and split me in half. Make me your whore and cum deep inside my pussy.......Daddy!”

    I couldn’t fucking believe my little Girl just called my Bully Daddy...But it still got worse from here! Much much much worse!

    My Daughter continued impaling herself on my Bullies throbbing cock and after a short giggle to herself over what she was saying to my Bully and knowing wink in my direction, my Daughter took things one step further.

    She pinched her nipples and gave them a little twist while she added, “Give me your fucking seed and knock me up. Turn me into your fucking black bred slut and put a baby into my cunt! My Father will take care of it, I promise!” All while bouncing on my Bullies cock harder than ever before!

    And with that, I watched my Bully oblige and cum deep inside my Daughters pussy just before I turned and ran out of the room to the sound of my Daughters moans and my Bullies laughter.

    It was the worst thing I had ever witnessed in my life yet a few hours later when I lay in bed next to my Wife letting her stroke my cock, it was all I could think about. And my Wife couldn’t stop commenting about how much harder I was than usual too.

    The one thing running through my mind at this very moment, was...was my Daughter really going to let herself be bred by my Bully? Would she? Could she really be cruel enough to do something so horrible to me?

    Often times she would barge into my room when I was in the middle of masturbating, almost like she knew what was going on, and would make me spend the next 10 minutes or so on my knees worshiping that big belly of hers before being allowed to go back to what I was doing. 

    These little reminders were becoming more often every day and I had to wonder, What the hell was my Mother trying to do to me?