Her Mother promised she'd resolve the issue with the girls in a matter of minutes. That everything would be okay by the time she walked through that door and her Bullies would never bother her again! But her Mother was wrong.

    From the moment she stepped foot in that house, something wasn't quite right. The girls who Bullied her Daughter were already naked - immediately greeting her like lovers and kissing her on the lips as well as clinging to her, and seductively touching her all over as she searched for the girls' Mother.

    Despite having no desires to be with another woman before coming inside, she was wet between the legs. Surprisingly aroused with a growing urge to let the girls fuck her...she sensed a high amount of sexual energy in the air that had begun to overwhelm her senses!

    By the time she found their Mother, she couldn’t shake the feeling that some sort of sex magic had a hold of her. The harder she fought to resist her urges and talk to their Girls’ Mother, the more willing she became to do whatever she said.

    When the Mother of her Daughter’s Bullies told her she would let the girls fuck her, she felt sickened. How could she possibly let these girls have sex with her when they had brought so much misery to her Daughter’s life? 

    But she wasn’t fighting it any longer! Despite her protests, she made no effort to stop the girls from removing her skirt as their naked Mother sat back and watched. She didn’t stop them when they began licking her ass and pussy in front of their Mother.


    And she found herself begging for more after the girls managed to produce the very first squirting orgasm she had experienced in years. The first since she had gotten married even! By now, all she wanted was more!

    By the time she had gotten dressed again, something felt different. She didn’t really remember much of what happened in the past hour or so and she couldn’t quite place what it was but she was certain her talk with the Mother of the girls who Bullied her Daughter had gone very well! 

    She was happy with the results and never once suspected things had gone horribly wrong and that she now found herself under their spell - unable to refuse any command they gave her. She didn’t realize she had been tricked and now had to obey their every word!

    A drunken bet perhaps? A case of mistaken identity or the result of some innocent flirting gone too far? Unconscious desires coming to light? Or something else she hadn’t thought about perhaps? She had no idea really. She couldn’t recall anything between now and that first drink she paid for at the bar. But it didn’t really matter now that she was moaning her Bullies name, cumming and squirting all over her tongue and lips and pretty face!

    The new years Eve party got out of control pretty quickly.

    People were out of control. The place was a complete mess. And she had a little too much to drink as the countdown to 2018 finally began.

    Several hours later the girls were back at her house all alone, under the mistletoe and the Christmas tree. Naked, kissing, and too horny to care about the fact that they had been worst enemies since the day they met.

    Before 2018 began, she would have NEVER believed she'd find herself having incredibly passionate and wildly intimate lesbian sex with the girl who Bullied her.

    But here she was - kissing her Bully, grinding wet pussies with her, getting off on the scent and taste of another woman, and slowly realizing she was actually falling in love with the girl who Bullied her!

    Until today, she had never thought of another girl in a sexual manner. However, that all changed the second her Bully talked her into performing a striptease. 

    She couldn’t help herself. This made her dripping wet! 

    She just couldn’t help herself! The thought of giving a striptease to another woman was exotic enough to her. But the thought of being dominated by another girl and forced to lick her pussy was simply exciting. Especially since the girl she was prepared to do this for was a woman she hated!

    As she dropped to her knees and prepared to crawl between her Bullies legs, her pussy got wetter. And by the time she got close enough to feel the heat of her Bullies pussy an inch away from her face, she was a complete mess. 

    She looked up at her Bully and begged to be allowed to lick it, finally having her hands tied behind her back and spending the next 90 minutes giving her Bully lip service!

    She hated how wet it made her.

     But later that night, she couldn’t stop rubbing her pussy in hopes of her Bully making her do it again! Being dominated by her Bully was such a turn on that she had already cum half a dozen times tonight. In fact, she may have begun having feelings of love for her Bully after hours of muff diving!


    Hey, just wanted to thank you for your steady activity and really well-done captions! Honestly you've become my favorite bully tumblr. Have you ever considered doing lesbian caps? (Female Bully and Mom, sister or Gf, or Mom and Gf, or Gf and sister, etc). The thought of losing the women you love to an alpha bully is certainly arousing, but losing it to another woman, that can use a dildo better than you can use your dick? Also love your orgy caps. Keep up the good work, buddy!

    Thanks! I really appreciate hearing how much you’re loving the captions. I was posting a lot since I had so many idea for Christmas and a lot of free time on my hands but since the holidays are over, I probably won’t be posting quite as much. But I’m still trying for at least one post a day still.

    Anyway, the idea of doing some girl on girl captions has been something I’ve really wanted to try for a very long time but I always seem to have trouble getting them done. I just seem to have a hard time creating this stuff for whatever reason but I promise at some point, I will post some captions of guys with female Bullies seducing girls the guy knows as well as girls being forced to have sex with their female Bullies too.

    Glad you like the orgy captions I did a while back. They were a lot of fun to do even if I currently have no plans for any more future captions like them at the moment.

    Here are some of the lesbian captions I’ve posted already:

    Brothers Bully - A girl is seduced by her Brothers female Bully.

    Her Boyfriends Bully - A more interesting idea I had a girl who keeps her Boyfriend locked in chastity is having a conversation with her Boyfriends Mom while the Mother encourages the girl to have sex with his female Bully. The way it turned out, I had too many photos and GIFs to use so I tried a different format and attempted to make the captions look like a comic instead. It turned out terribly of course and the captions are a bit hard to read but I posted it anyway despite not liking the results lol.

    Turning my Girlfriend - a story about the new transfer student in school - a hot but bitchy female bully - turning a guys girlfriend into a lesbian right before his eyes as she fucks her and makes the girl more addicted to the dildos than her Boyfriends cock. Nearly 2000+ words long with a bunch of photos and captioned GIFs (12 total!), and more.

    Her Sons Bully - Mom is seduced by her Sons female Bully!

    Hitachi - a female Bully forces a guys Girlfriend and the guys Sister to cum on a vibrator together, and they’re loving it!

    Blown Off - A girl somebody has a huge crush on blows off her first date ever with him for sex with his female Bully during her first lesbian experience ever. But certainly not her last!

    Her date didn’t seem quite as mad about being blown off as Summer had expected him to be. Granted, he had no idea WHY she had skipped out on their date but he was more than happy to give her another chance. Even after Summer kissed him on the lips and let him taste his Bullies pussy on her...

    Of course, if her crush had any idea what the two girls had planned for him during his date...he’d have gone running the first chance he got!

    Mom wanted me to remain her little virgin forever...

    And, intent on keeping me a virgin for life, Mom began to encourage my sweet and innocent Girlfriends to become addicted to bigger cock - more specifically, my Bullies big thick veiny 8 inch cock and his big heavy hairy balls!

    When I was out of the house, my Mother would invite my Girlfriend over and slowly seduce her until my Girlfriend found herself in a position where she was lying on her back naked with her legs spread, barely able to speak as she attempted to beg my Mother to let her cum after several hours of edging. 

    However, Mom had been whispering dirty things in my Girlfriends ear about my Bully and how much bigger his cock was since the very beginning and wouldn’t allow my Girlfriend until she promised to not only cheat on me with one of my Bullies, but actually break my heart by breaking up with me for one of my Bullies using the line “I’m sorry babe, but It’s not you, it’s the size of your little cock...”  

    Eventually my Girlfriend broke and promised to do everything my Mother asked of her. She had the most intense orgasm of her life and several days later I was laying in bed with tears dripping down my cheeks wondering where I had gone wrong...


    Several days later...

    My Ex was in bed with one of my worst enemies getting her hair pulled as she got pounded from behind by a cock nearly twice my size, happier than she had ever been as she came on his thick cock over and over and over again... 

    ...While I lay in bed stroking my little virgin cock with tears still in my eyes, wondering if my cock was really not big enough for her, wondering what my Ex was up to, and thinking,“Would I remain a virgin forever...”?